Foot pain again and some other stuff

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    I did search for foot pain related posts but I did have some other querys to ask if no-one minds.

    I woke up on Wednesday feeling actually quite great for once, and preceeded to go to work. It was only when I got up (as I work at a PC) for my break that I suddenly had this intense pain in my feet. It seemed to be located in the arch part of my sole and on my right foot (which was worse but the left as also affected) it was so bad that I had to hobble on tip toe. I only live about 10minutes from my work place but it was actually agony walking on tip toes home. It didn't actually get 'worse' through the week but my feet became sore (the best description I could come up with) the more I would walk. Anyways I had to take Friday off work (which I just hate doing, I seem to be taking so much time off) as the thought of just walking the little way I had to both to and within work was agonising. Now the pain has receeded but then I haven't been using my feet over the weekend. So, the thought of it getting worse again really doesn't appeal.

    I had sort of denied my Fibromyalgia dygnosis after an appointment with a Neurologist who, although sympathetic and very helpful, didnt seem to like diagnosing people with chronic fatigue thingys. I have had a few problems of late and I guess I have realised that I do actually suffer from FMS.

    So ... now getting to the question (sorry it turn into a bit of a biography back there) ... is there anything I can buy to ease it? Over the counter stuff, and from the UK. I would go to the Doc's but I've become such a familiar face down there that I only go there now if I fell like Im dying *s*. Plus I dont like the "oh not you again" look. Any help on this would be appreciated as
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    so bad in fact that I went out and bought a 70$ pair of shoes and arches for them.

    I am 42 and have walked everywhere all my life. I am a cashier and am on my feet all day. I do lot of walking, squatting and standing. My foot pain has been getting steadily worse for months. It centers in my arches. I feel that after all the years of walking maybe my arches are starting to fall.

    If your pain had a sudden onset your arches might be strained some. Soaking your feet in warm water and epson salts might help.

    My new shoes and arches seem to be helping. I haven't hurt as much when I get home and after sitting without shoes off for awhile, standing up doesn't make me cry.

    Pamper your feet for awhile. Foot massage wouldn't hurt either. Good luck, Valley
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    I have been diagnosed w/ FM for about 2 years now, however, I now know I've had it a lot longer than that, probably about 15 years. I have had this pain in my feet, in my heels and arches. The pain usually starts in the spring when I start wearing sandles. What I get is called
    "planters fascia" or tendonitis in your feet. When I feel it starting I will usually stop and rub my heels and arches. I have put Tiger Balm on them at home and it has helped at times. I hope this helps.
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    ... to every one who answered my post. I went to work and after 2 days my feet were very sore that I could hardly stand up for more than a minute at a time, they had also started to throb, and I had to change the position regularly even when sitting down. So I had to take today off. They are bit better today but even after walking round teh house for a bit they start to hurt. I cant get to see the doc (as apparantly it is a good idea to see the doc when you get a new symtom) until next Tuesday, which is a real pain (no pun intended).

    So until then I am soaking my feet and am thinking about perhaps investing in some tiger balm. Any other ideas are most welcome ;)

    Im meant to be going on an archaoelogical dig at teh end of May so I really need to get thsi new symtom sorted and know how to deal with it before then.
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    I was diagnosed with FM about a year ago. I had no idea that foot pain was associated with it. Sometimes it feels like I have knots in the balls of my feet. It hurts so bad to walk on them I could cry. Also, there is a spot on my heel that itches constantly. Has anyone else had this? Please let me know what you did for it. Thanks so much.
  6. Chrissy2

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    I also have foot pain, but it also affects the TOP of my feet and my piggies. In addition to FM, my poor feet have to hold up 80 extra pounds of weight, and I'm not being very nice to them that way :eek:(
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    Woke yesterday OK but suddenly after afternoon rest I couldn't stand on my left foot. Applied heat and hobbled around. This morning I couldn't stand at all. WAs planning a trip to casualty department, but checked out this site first. Thanks for helping me realise it's all part of FMS!
    Every day I seem do find something else that's a symptom of it. Had lots of things in past, but told they were unrealted. Finaly diagnosed with Fibromyalgia a month ago and now reading info on the web, it all makes sense!

    Thanks for all your advice!
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    I `m having bad foot pain also. My pain is the worst when I first get up in the morning or when I try to get up after I`ve been sitting down for a long time. Mine really sounds like I either have a heel spur or the foot tendinitis. The thing that helps mine the most is putting an ice back on the floor and putting my foot one that for 15 to 20 minutes. That takes away alot of the pain. My husband has to bring me the ice pack while I`m in bed yet, in the morning because it hurts too bad to step on it.

    I`m going to go to a foot doctor soon if it doesn`t start getting better.
  9. TNhayley

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    according to my fibro doc (who has fibro) can be caused by a B vitamin deficiency. Worth a try ... ;-)
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  11. Harmony

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    Charls, I have foot pain also, but I'm sorry I haven't found anything to help it yet. Sandyz, your symptoms of feet pain is like what I have. They hurt terribly when I first wake up in the morning and start walking and also after I have been sitting for a long time and then try to walk. My physical therapist said it is from my bad back, ddd and herniated disks. She said it is the nerves effecting my feet which means my back has gotten worse. I have had it for a year now. My Rheum. Dr. thinks fibro has a part in it too and I agree. I go to the Neurosurgeon next week after I have my MRI so I'll find out what he thinks. I know it is very painful. I'm surprised to see so many with fibro have this problem with their feet. Hope you all have less pain!

    Love, Harmony
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  12. Sandyz

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    I`m glad you told me what your PT said your foot pain was from. Your pain does sound exactly like mine. I also have a bulging disk in my back and degenerative disk disease. I think I need to go in and see a foot doctor or someone.

    All the other stuff is bad enough but when it gets to the point you can`t even walk on your feet that`s just plain crazy, too much!! I hate this illness with a passion.
  13. Solstice

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    You may have just solved another mystery for me!

    I have had extreme problems with one of my feet for over 2 years now. It got worse a year ago. Not only foot pain, but blisters, peeling skin (lost 5 layers of skin), then the new skin would crack, then so raw and tender that I couldn't walk on my foot. Then at times it gets bright red and just burns. (4 doctors did not know what the heck was wrong with it. A dermatologist said it was dyshydrotic eczsma (sp).

    I had to use a wheel chair to get around in Chicago last year when I went there with my family. Just couldn't walk through the city. And I have used a cane frequently.

    Just a few weeks ago my doctor put me on B12 injections (2cc's 3 times a week). This was after being flat out exhausted and spending weeks not being functional due to having to sleep all day and all night.............which followed a period of time that I was doing way too much, and then got a "cold".

    Anyway, in the last week or so, my foot has looked better than it has in about a year. I am even starting to think that it might get back to "normal". No more blisters, and the skin is healing. If I walk on it, it still seems to get really red and hurt, but it is improving greatly.

    Tonight I was wondering why it was improving, trying to think of what I was doing differently. It could also be because I got more aggressive about caring for it, and I soaked it more. (But I also was aggressive about treating it at other times, so I don't know.) But I also started using Aloe jell on it, which I had never done before. I have been putting tea tree oil on it, then vitamin E, then a foot cream that contains many good herbs for healing, then Coconut OIL to keep the skin from cracking (which I think Lifedancer suggested).. Then I just massage it for quite awhile, and I do Reiki (healing energy) on it. (when it is so painful I can't stand it, I will use the cortizone cream that the dermatologist perscribed.)

    So, hearing you say that your fibro doc. told you it could be a vitamin B deficiency causing the foot pain, really makes me think that getting the large dose of B12 could be what is clearing my foot up so DRAMATICALLY !

    Whatever the reason, my foot is starting to feel very happy.

    Long story about my foot heh? Sorry :)

  14. MildredAnn

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    I, too, suffer from foot pain and have for many years. I have been to several foot doctors, had minor surgury and purchased numerous orthodics and foot products. The best help I've had is from an orthodic that I purchased from Good Feet. They have a store in Dallas & Ft. Worth, Tx. You can also look them up on the internet. They evaluate your foot problem, suggest the correct orthodic, have WONDERFUL rubber insoles that DO NOT wear down very quickly and really cushion your feet and these orthodics fit most low heeled shoes. It will not solve all of your problems but it was a BIG help to me. They are expensice but well worth the money. Good luck!
  15. TNhayley

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    When I see my doc, I'll ask him for a more indepth explanation of why he thinks Vit. B deficiency can cause foot pain ... and I'll post it ... he's really good at explaining the *whys* and *hows* of things. I just scribbled it in my notes from the last support group meeting that he runs.

    He did talk about the bell curve principle when explaining this to us, and how even though our level of B12 might fall in normal range, they are not normal for us. I'd say that is true of MANY things for us. :) He did also mention methylcobalamine (sp?) but got on another topic and never got back to it. I've looked for it in stores and it is expensive, but supposed to be the most bio-available form of B. He did say that Vit. B is critical for nervous system function.

    So many people have horrible foot pain ... mine is shooting stabbing pain in the tops of my feet that comes and goes. I'm glad you feet are doing better! I hope that trend continues. :)
  16. Solstice

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    I will look forward to more posts from you about this. I hope that you find what you need to help with your feet and start feeling better as well. Do you think you will be trying the vitamin B then? Can you get b12 injections from your doctor?

    Take good care,

  17. TNhayley

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    I will be trying Vit. B. I'm going to look for the mythelcobalamine ... maybe from Canada. If anybody knows a good source I'd love to know. I'm not sure if insurance covers shots or not, will have to look into. Going to my GP today, so we'll see. :) I'll let you know how it goes .. the Vit B that is.
  18. vix

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    Hi, I'm new to here. I too have foot pain, extreme stiffness( to the point that my holistic therapist finds them hard to massage) and they're nearly always cold. I have FM and in my case it might well be hereditary.My aunt who also appears to have it, and I often discuss what helps,we're both in the UK but in different areas.For yor feet I can only suggested something called Biofreeze, which my aunt bought at Physio, its a roll on and is apparently cryotherapy, its manufactured by PerformanceHEALTHTm. It works on other areas to, and if anyone has these god awful headaches as I do see if you can get an Indian head massage, they help me alot, I feel nearly human afterwards. Oh and charls well done for going on the Dig, I do archaeology at Uni ( final year and I,ve got so much work to do!), but haven't been on a dig sinse I've been ill.

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    hi I'm replying to your foot pain! I suffered off and on for years with feet had to walk on heels or toes hurt. I recently saw an orthopedic Dr. He sain I had ankle pronation and when i put weight on ankles my arches went flat hence the foot pain. He cast my feet and made me plastic arches however I'm having to find new shoes and sneakers for some reason my heels come out of shoes when i walk. a research on Morton foot or feet stated this was a thing that some fms ppl got. I hope this helpes.