Foot pain and Topamax

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by emttoni, Apr 3, 2003.

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    Well, went to the dr about the pain in the top of my foot. He thinks it is a ganglion cyst there and doenst want to do anything about it unless it gets to where I cant get around. Ok - I can handle that.

    Also asked him about the Topamax. He was pleased that I spent some time looking into other meds so that I can get off the demerol. He wrote a script for the Topamax and of course the damned insurance company wont even touch it! So, I also got on Ortho-MacNeils website and found out they have a patient assistance program for those of us that cant afford their meds. So, now Im on the waiting list - sitting here Patiently (not) waiting for them to send it to me! lol
    So at least it wasnt all bad and the doctor wasnt even mad at me for getting on the puter and finding out what I could. (Last dr. was an a@# who told me to stay off the puter - I wasnt a dr and he was. I told him I wouldnt have to get on the puter and learn things if he would do his job!!! And then fired his butt!!).

    Well, best wishes to all - hope you are resting well tonite, cause Im not! lol ~ Toni