Foot pain, Dr's DX,UNBELIEVABLE Thought I heard it all, wrong,

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cchurch, Jul 12, 2008.

  1. cchurch

    cchurch New Member

    Just returned from the podiatrist and I hope what I'm about to share will help others.
    I was shocked....

    1. Went to highly recommended Podiatrist
    2. Pain in bottom of both feet for about 6 months
    3. Somedays I couldn't walk
    4. Have to wear crocks and hold on for support if I do
    5. Female/53/M/mother of 4(all married) WT: 190, 5'2.
    6. Left corporate management postition at 43
    7. Now on disability
    8. On several strong medication
    9. Had 3 cervical fusions with rod, plate and screws,(over a 12 year period) Severe TMJ & wear appliance, suffer with Chronic Pain in neck, head, jaws, face 24/7. Fib/CFS and currently seeing a Chrisian therapist, weekly.

    After HE examined my feet, he thought I had a spur, but I disagreed, so sent to hsp. for x-rays.
    X-rays showed that the heel of my foot is "pulling away" from the bottom of my foot, so is my big toe. Yes there was a small spur, but he said it wasn't the cause of my problem. More severe than that..It was right there in the x-ray.
    He said it was a very rare case but seen lots of time in FIBRO patient.
    He could tell I had fibro before I even told him after he watched me walk. Has anyone else heard of this???
    In other words, my body is falling apart or pulling apart from the joints.
    Please understand,I have not had anytype of injury to any area of my feet.
    Just noticed this new ailement about 6 months ago. I thought I had strained it, so that's why I didn't seek immediate help.
    Had I went to my family Doctor of 35 years, he probley would have said it was Arthur bothering me and just gave me some type of anti-inflam meds.
    That is why I went on to the specialist and I'm really glad I did.
    He also informed me of the large bunyons on the side of each foot and will probley need surgery to remove them at a latter date.
    For now, he is fitting me with slip-in's to wear in my shoes and if that doesn't help, he will have to do a "fusion" of the bottom of my feet. My bones are very fragile and again I am only 53 years old.
    The doctor himself has had 2 cervical surgery fusions and he said it was also common among cervical patients. I was totally blown away, but like I said the X-ray proved it.
    He gave me celebrax to add to my long drug list and I'm to return in two weeks to receive my pads.
    I would really love to hear from others who have experienced the same and hear your stories. Looks to me like I'm worn out on both ends of my body. (hahha)
    I wore my jaw muscles out singing professionally and later working in radio as a DJ.
    As a Pastor's wife, my singing days are limited and I'm wondering how much longer I will be able to play the piano & accordian in services.
    But I do have faith in God that HE can and will heal me in His own time, so I'm not about to throw in the towel.
    After all,as a Child of God, I'm a winner either way, if I die or if I live, right?

    May God Touch eachone of You my Dear Friends. Your wisdom and knowledge in your posting are greatly appreciated..

    (please excuse my spelling)
  2. whoachief

    whoachief New Member

    First of all - I have had HORRIBLE pain in the bottom of both feet for about 6 months now too. Think I'll see the foot & ankle specialist that I've seen before to see what he has to say about this. I'll let you know what he says. Also - you play the accordion????????? I played for YEARS (since I was about 7 years old) but I can't even lift it anymore due to my pain. GOOD FOR YOU!!!!
  3. shelly11

    shelly11 New Member

    I had to quit my job due to severe foot pain. Dr. said i have some arthritis but not much. I also have a small bone spur. It doesn't make sense. when i was on my feet at work all day i could barely make it through my shift. by end of day i was limping. my kids would wait on me when i got home. what could be causing this? i do have fm and oa.
  4. vmiller

    vmiller New Member

    Oh wow, I just posted about this! It's only been happening to me for about a month now. I suppose that I should get it checked out. It does seem to be getting worse!

    My pastor's wife also has fibro. We suffer alot of the same things at the same time.

    I pray you feel better soon - and that very soon a cure is found for people like us.

  5. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    I am also having pain in both my feet in the arch area. I was thinking it is caused from walking barefooted on hardwood floors.

    I still have pain even in good shoes so I will definitely see a doctor.

    Thank you for posting this.
  6. kayann

    kayann New Member

    I also have pain in both feet. I also have 3 cervical

    fusions. Why does your Dr. say that this can cause foot

    problems? I know that I have arthritis in my feet, also

    plantar fachitis,( not sure of spelling) bone spurs,

    but podiatrist says spurs do not cause foot pain. Any

    way all this scares me. hard to go shopping for very long

    because of this pain. Cchurch I have all the same

    problems that you have described. I have been having

    foot problems for close to 2yrs now.
  7. CanBrit

    CanBrit Member

    I've had problems with my feet since I was a child. Extremely flat footed. Did you ever have problems as a child too?

    Shortly before I was diagnosed with Fibro, I woke up and was could barely walk on my feet. Like walking on glass. It went away after a while, but I do still have problems occasionally.

    I will definitely keep this post for my Dr. Thanks for the heads up.

  8. cchurch

    cchurch New Member

    I also have wood floors and thought the same thing, but the pain was still there with or without shoes. I also blamed it on our steps to the basement, but then my precious husband covered the steps with carpet. I was not flat footed as a child. Went barefoot all the time...Just a country girl, wore shoes to school and church, haha
    Last Sunday I had to wear my Reeboks (sp)to church with dress pants. I was so embarrased especially when I went to sing...But everyone understood.
    Thanks for all your replies and wisdom. Hope this info helps in someway, until then, I'll keep hobbling alone.
    God Bless,
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  9. tangie

    tangie New Member

    Hi, cchurch. I also have had foot pain, but, for longer than six months. It has been close to one year that I have had this pain. Mostly in my heel and bottom of my feet, both of them. Went to a podiatrist as well, and was told that I had bone spurs, I'm wondering if its something more. I have not heard what you were dx with (yet), still waiting. Mostly I just tried to ignore it and continue to function anyway. Reading your post has me thinking that maybe I will make another appt. to see a different podiatrist in my area and get a second opinion,though. I want to say thank you for the information, and please keep it coming. Hope you feel better soon! Tangie
  10. Empower

    Empower New Member

    I am also experiencing heel pain, worse in morning, very very painful

    I assume it is heel spurs

    I go barefoot alot and wear flip flops and we have hardwood floors

    I think that I need to start wearing my tennis shoes
  11. moi482001

    moi482001 Member

    with my feet and toes that hurt so much. I have had MRI which indicated two spurs, at the front and at the back. Dr. says this should not cause that much pain. Since I have had X-ray of both feet and no indication of any problem, dr. is sending for a test which measures the nerve activity in my legs. Will keep everyone posted.
  12. lillieblake

    lillieblake New Member

    This is all very interesting. I don't have foot pain, walk on hardwood floors barefooted all the time.

    But my toes are going numb, and I have numb areas on tops of my feet.

    And I also am seeing a doctor for cervical problems (degenrative disc disease) Is that what your fusions were for?

    This DD is getting wierder by the minute.

  13. PatDLT

    PatDLT New Member

    Before I was dxd with FMS, I had the wierdest symtoms I could not understand why I was having them. It seemed that the pain I had traveled from one part of my body to another. It would effect my arm or my legs, an organ, even losing my hair. Each time it lasted from 6 months to a full year and then it would just disappear and it would not hurt anymore. Well, one day it started on my feet. The bottoms of my feet hurt so bad, I could hardly walk let alone stand and they would feel swollen. I went to a specialist and he told me I had spurs, although they did not x-ray my feet. What they did was twice a week for about a month, they would rub a warm ultrasound machine on the bottom of my feet. Don't know if that worked, but after a year the pain was gone.

    Hope this helps.

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  14. ckirkes

    ckirkes New Member

    Wow, I went to a podiatrist today. Bottom of my feet have been hurting for probably 6 months. Just figured the Fibro had found a new place to settle. Then my ankles and the top of my feet started hurting. Felt like my ankles wanted to pop out of joint.

    Well the doc said all the painful spots are in the tendons. She said physical therapy helps sometimes and she put me back on celebrex for 10 days to see if it will help. Sent me for X-Rays, I bet they took a dozen of them. Told me to buy a good pair of running shoes because they have good support and told me to come back in 2 wks.

    I've had Fibro for over 10yrs now so I just assume any pain I'm feeling is Fibro. Thought I better get it check out. I'll let you know what they find. I sure hope I don't get a shock like you had.
  15. dtj

    dtj New Member

    .............high out of range is indicative of gout and presents as foot pains described in many of the previous postings. Research gout details.
  16. Meg1710

    Meg1710 New Member

    Sounds like Plantar Fasciitis for many of you. Symptoms worse on first putting feet to the floor and for several minutes, almost need to crawl around!! Pretty bad pain! Residual pain the rest of the time.

    Strange how so many Fibro people seem to have this or similar!

    Have had this for 17 years. PF predated fibro. Only effective treatment for me - custom made orthotics and correct supportive shoes, which are all expensive but worth it!
  17. coolma

    coolma New Member

    I had an attack of plantar fasiatis (spelling?) and went everywhere seeking relief from the pain in my feet and heels. It is horrible. I received injections, wore orthotics, gel pads, iced my feet...everything. An orthopaedic specialist said it was an infalmmatory condition and it would wear itself out in about 2-/2 years.
    Guess what? eVEN with all the treatments and special shoes, it took the 2-1/2 years for it to ease itself away.

    I still hurt on the bottoms of my feet every morning. Some mornings, I can not walk for a couple of hours, especially in the winter mornings.

    They told me never to go barefoot. Always to wear a shoe with a support in the arch and heel. No flat sandals, no cheap shoes, and no crocs. They do not support your foot.
    Well, just thought I'd pass this on. I even have a foot support and heel gel pads in my slippers.
  18. pstps

    pstps New Member

    I to have had foot pain for about 1 1/2 years now. I woke up on Dec. 12, put my feet on the ground and almost fell over with pain. Thats when my whole nightmare started. It lasted 2 to 3 weeks and would go away and them come back. This happened for 1 year and when it returned 6 months ago it never left. What also has stayed is; shoulder pain, hand pain and occasional knee and wrist pain. The Rhemy thougt I had RA but on my last visit told me I had FM. I feel bad for everyone on this site because I am in alot of pain especially in the am. for about 3 to 4 hours and its hard to share with my husband and children because they really don't understand. I have made an apt. to see a Dr. Ridha Arem in Houston Texas. He feels people with Hypothyroid get FM due to needing T3 doses and not from T4 synthyroid. I have read his book and made an apt. to see him. I would like to know if anyone else who has hypothyroidism has gone to see him? His book is called:
    The Thyroid Solution and it came out in 2000. But he has a revised version coming out in Aug. 2008.

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