Foot way to cool off?

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    I have read the messages I found under neuropathy
    even though I have not yet been diagnosed. But my
    RA doctor says my foot pain isn't RA in a flare..
    so next week I hope to visit my foot doctor as my
    diabetic doctor feels he can do a better job of
    a diagnosis for the foot problem. Is it neuropathy
    or what?
    I noticed, and made note of, the various meds you
    all take for pain and sleep. Nobody mentioned a few
    minutes of soaking the burning parts (feet or where
    ever) in water to refresh and cool them off. I tried
    and it worked for short time but then I "reflared".
    So this nerve damage can't be helped or even cooled
    off thru normal ways like a foot soak. I did find my
    cool bed sheets felt good on my feet when watching t.v.
    I'm hoping of course that I don't have it but reading
    up on it in case I do as I HAVE to do something about
    the pain. Only been diabetic a year so am feeling a
    let down that complications like that could occur so
    soon! I hope it is something else but trying to prepare
    for whatever it is...
    Have so many overlapping illnesses that each new one
    is...a downer. Also spend time on RA, fibro, depression,
    and I forget which other boards.I also wrote to a
    moderator of the site and learned a new forum with more
    abilities to respond to more posts is going to be
    done. So we will have more than one box to check if we
    choose to receive more responses in our own e-boxes.
    Should be interesting...:>)