Foot pain/unable to walk. Is this Fibro?? Please help

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cchurch, Jun 18, 2008.

  1. cchurch

    cchurch New Member

    Thank God for this forum and you precious people who have taken the time to tell your stories. I've learned so much from so many of you. Here's my story: I am 53,F,and for the past 25 years suffered with cervical pain/severe headaches to the point that I had to leave a management position and was granted disbility benefits at the age of 43. How sad! My life just seem to come to a halt!
    I've had 3 cervical fusion in 15 years with no avail and with the third one, a rod, plate and screws were placed in my neck. Worse surgery I have ever experienced! It has taken me over 3 years to recoup. Although the H/A are somewhat better NOW, new problems have arose. This past winter I was diagnoised with clinical depression by my family doctor of 35 years, but I don't agree with him. He has been so understanding and has tried me on numerous meds/diagnostic test over the years in hopes of finding relief. He knows that I am suffering and he wants to help, but looks like he's tried everything. After reading this forum, I truly do feel that I am suffering with some type of depression dealing with this daily chronic pain.
    Lab work & other test supposedly ruled out Lupus & MS.
    I'm currently taking prozac, effexior, oxycontin, soma, ativan, restoril and I feel so guilty having to take so many RX considering my age. I don't know that person I use to be 30 years ago and having trouble figuring out who this person is now. When I ask my family doctor about CFS/Fibro, he said that was possible and tried me on Lyrica. Bad side effects, so I stopped taking them. I KNOW I have it after reading so many of your postings. It's like your posting describe just how I feel and I didn't think anyone would understand it until now.
    Weekly or daily, I have a new pain. I feel ok mentally, but physically I'm exhausted. A good day for me consist of 4 hours of work. My energy has been zapped and NO vitamins have helped. Sleep is drug induced and I never feel rested. I've become very withdrawn and lost interest in things that I once enjoyed. I'm currently seeing a Christian counselor who is also very understanding.
    I cannot plan activities two hours from now, because I usually end up cancelling due to health problems. This really aggrevates me! Thank God, my husband is very understanding/caring.
    I don't know what's going on now with this new ailment, but maybe some of you kind people can explain it to me.
    About 7 weeks ago, I begin to experience pain in both of the bottom of my feet. I can barely put any weight on my right foot. I wear the best shoes you can buy and even bought the support guards and nothing has helped. (Forgot to mention that I also suffer with RLS about 2 times a month.) I take meds for that as needed. But now I have notice that the pain is radiating up into my legs and walking has become more difficult. I avoid anytype of stairs. I am 40 pounds over weight, but recently had lapband surgery & have no medical problems with that.
    Many have told me that I may have gait or spurs, but I disagree. The pain is from my toes to my ankle.
    I have an appointment with a podiatrist (sp??) in July.
    Please forgive me if I have rattled on about my problems, but all the research I've done leaves me helpless and I find hope/assurance in reading your postings. This is the most informative forum on the net and I can truly relate to lots of your stories. Although I just found this forum five months ago, I know that God has sent you people to me. This is my first posting.
    If the pain doesn't let up, I'm afraid a cane may become my next choice. PLEASE HELP ME.....God Bless You All..

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  2. CockatooMom

    CockatooMom New Member

    I'm so glad you found this site as well. I know it has been a Godsend to me as well.

    I can't imagine what you felt having to quit your job and be on disability at 43. I will be 40 this year. I can understand being on many different meds at a young age too. I was on 14 meds, not including natural supplements.

    I agree that your doctor may be right in your depression diagnosis. It's kind of normal for what you have been through. And it IS depressing to deal with daily chronic pain of our kind.

    I never felt so understood since finding this website and the many wonderful people here. I figured out that I wasn't crazy and you aren't crazy either! Many of us have the same symptoms and it helps SO much to be able to talk to others experiencing the same.

    It's good you are seeing a counselor. I understand your fatigue too. I can only do 4-6 hours a day and have to rest often when cleaning the house or doing anything! My sleep is mostly drug induced as well. I go to bed in pain and wake up in pain.

    I'm glad to hear your husband is understanding. Yes, not being able to plan activities is a pain in the butt! My boyfriend didn't understand until I had him read the spoon theory.

    I started having pain in my feet and ankles at age 26. I sometimes experience pain on the soles of my feet too. It doesn't radiate up my legs (I don't think). It's been a while since I had that kind of pain.

    If I were you, I would go to the podiatrist to see what he says. If nothing else, to rule out spurs or other problems.

    I love being bare foot, but when I'm on my legs cooking, doing dishes, or cleaning, I HAVE to wear good supportive shoes!

    I wish you the best and pray you find out what is causing your foot pain. It's awful because when your feet hurt, it makes your whole body hurt, and people like us don't need any more pain!

    Update us after your podiatrist appt.


  3. klutzo

    klutzo New Member

    Please look up a list of the symptoms of Lyme Disease and it's common coinfection, Bartonella. The bottom of the foot pain is classic for Bartonella, and your other symptoms over the years sound classic for the development of untreated Lyme.

    I was misdiagnosed for almost 21 years, with MS finally ruled out in my case also.

    You can Google, or find a list on LymeNet. LymeNet can also help you find a doctor who knows how to test and treat these things, and you can also take a look at the Lyme Message Board here.

  4. luvtusew

    luvtusew New Member

    it is here for a while then it goes away. when it is here it is very painful i can hardly walk esp. in the am when i first get up. About your other symp. i have the fatigue and tiredness really bad. found out i had hyperthyroidism I am currently being treated it is hard with the fibro hope things go better for you
  5. msbsgblue

    msbsgblue Member

    I am not saying that Lyme's cannot cause this but I and my husband have major foot problems due to FM. We have both been checked for Lyme's me twice.

    He has had it a long time and has been ill about 12 years less then me.

    My foot pain began this past winter. Does not matter if I am on my feet or spend a day in a chair. And, it may not happen every day.

    It may be on a day I am on of off my feet. Some days it may not be at all but most times is.

    The best thing I have found for mine is either aspercream the or the best thing is peppermint foot scrub or peppermint rub of some sort.

    It cools the feet, I don't mean it makes them cold, but soothing cool and it takes the pain away in very short order.

    I have tried everything on them and this is best.
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  6. newbyinpain

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    I too have foot pain esp. when I am on my feet a lot. My feet will swell and then burn. The burning sensation is just horrible. This pain goes up into my chins making it very painful to walk. I have started wearing good supportive tennis shoes, (although I'd rather be barefoot). This seems to help as long as I wear them when doing house work. I have also tried Flexall cream and a new cream advertised for FMS pain. The later is very expensive ($20 for 1.9oz tube) and I don't think it does anymore than the Flexall. Just wanted you to know you're not alone. I am also on Cymbalta and just started on Lyrica. So far the Lyrica has help other FMS pain, but not the foot pain. Hope you find some releif.
  7. cchurch

    cchurch New Member

    You people were very quick to help out a friend in trouble. Thank you for all the postings regarding FOOT PAIN. Keep them coming...
    This is the best forum and I look forward to our internet friendship..... God Bless....
  8. pjj

    pjj New Member

    Hi, will just add that I too have foot pain. Have had Fibro for abt 8 yrs but this foot thing has cropped up mostly in the last year. My Fibro has been worse this last 6 mos. also. Mine is worse in the left foot but in both at times.
    I also have RlS a few times a month . I can go to bed feeling pretty good and wake up with feet hurting, legs aching & upper back, hips an spine aching. Other times it seems as if it wakes up nerves when I first wake up and move or stand up on my feet. I always have very tight muscles in my back. Sometimes massage helps but other times it seems to set things off, makes it even worse. I have taken Trazadone,Lyrica and am now on Cymbalta -- somewhat. These all leave me feeling dopey in the mornings even tho I am on the lowest amounts so now I only take a quarter of a Trazadone at night. I need the sleep, I know, but i do not trust these meds for long-term, steady use.

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