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  1. lcampbell

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    I am wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same pain....
    When its raining/damp/very humid.. I can't walk because my feet hurt so badly. It's not gout. I have been diagnosed with FM and inflammatory arthritis. I have seen the foot dr ($700 answers), tried tons of shoes, lifts, arch supports, etc. My rheumatoid dr doesn't seem interested in discussing it or my back pain.

    Is this FM- pain associated with the connections of tendons/muscles to bone or arthritis but not at a joint? I would be interested in what others have experienced.

  2. angelscutoo

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    I have foot pain from neuropathy and also arthritis. The neuropathy pain, for me, is a burning pain and the arthritis is in specific areas where I have bone spurring or past broken bones.

    If you have any numbness in your feet tell your doctor as that is usually a sure sign of neuropathy. Some people think you can only have neuropathy if you are diabetic but that is not always the case.I am prescribed lyrica for the pain in my feet and legs.
  3. jenn_c

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    that I am walking on glass. It is absolutely awful. Now with that said, my doctor who is very good to me says the foot thing isn't typical for FM. But as we have all learned with FM, nothing is typical. So all of my rambling here is to say, I FEEL YOUR PAIN literally. All I can do is put my feet up on a pillow with nothing touching it.

  4. cchurch

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    You will be very surprise what a great podiatrist can tell you about fibro after looking at your feet.
    I'm 90% better since my visit.
    Hope you have the same success..
    God Bless.
  5. vannafeelbettr

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    I have bilateral radiculopathy and FM. My feet get so bad sometimes I cannot walk as well. I have pain in ankle achilles tendon, and arches. They "crack" constantly, but I don't have any arthritis on my tests! I'm assuming another glorious symptom of fibro.