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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by amurtagh, Aug 15, 2003.

  1. amurtagh

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    Hearing of other people in pain never makes me happy, but it helps to know I'm not alone. My feet ache, and burn and throb and sometimes I get tingling. There have been a few days when it felt like someone beat them. My feel are not the only place I get the tingling though. I get it in other parts of my body, including my hands.
  2. pam_d

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    My feet & hands are my primary places of pain; they also feel as if they are swollen & throbbing, and my feet ALWAYS tingle, my hands sometimes do. I think this is a common complaint for FMers.

    You are definitely not alone in this.... I think I've gotten used to it now, but I sure wish there was a remedy for it!

  3. daylilyfan

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    I have had the tingling in my feet and hands for a couple years, and it's spread to my lower arms and calves in the last year. Normal EMG (I'll NEVER have that test again) although they say I may have early pereipheral Neruopathy..... I think it's fibro. I started taking Topamax about 3 weeks ago - it's one of those drugs you start taking a small dose of and gradually work up to the full dose. I am taking about 1/3 of the final dose, and already I am seeing results. The tingling is just in my fingers and toes now. I didn't want to take anything for it, but my new (6 months) Rhumey says Topamax helps fibro pain... so decided to try it. Have found it is starting to relieve muscle aches too. You might want to try it.

    Other than the topamax, I tried Neurontin for it last year - wow, that's a trip of a medication! Weight gain, drugged feeling, finally got so bad I was driving to work one day and stopped at a light and couldn't remember where I was going. Looked down, saw I was wearing my uniform, had my lunchbox, and was able to figure out I must be on my way to work. No such problems with the Topamax. The Neurontin didn't help me (I was up to 3600 mg a day) at all, and the Topamax is helping me at 75mg a day. Am hoping when I get to the full dose, I will get full relief.

    Good luck!