foot spasms/cramping?

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    Anyone else suffer with this? My toes will just curl downwards in a really tight spasm/cramp i have to massage them, but then they do it again and it can go on like tjat ehether im stanfing up or sitting down. I dont know how else to describe it other than very painful.

    It use to be my little fingers or thumbs that caused be problems going into spasm from the moment i woke up till i fell asleep and could last continously for a couple of weeks. I have fibro chronic fatigue and arthrits. Be glad for any light on the subject cheets.
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    anyone else have them ? oh ya - this is one of the main symptoms of Fibro - muscle spasms

    make sure u r getting enough magnesium and calcium as low mag can cause spasms and low calcium can cause cramps. of course many other things can as well. I would imagine our muscles are so tight that is why they have spasms so why are they so tight - well that is the mystery and sure hope researchers would hurry up.

    also, low thyroid can cause cramps among many other symptoms so make sure you have had a complete thyrod panel done ( tsh, free t4, free t3 and thyroid antibodies)

    good luck and I hope u can get some relief. remember it is more than ok to use drugs (muscle relaxers) even if just as needed to get some relief when your spasms and or cramps are really bad.

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    My 86 yr old mother has a lot of cramps in her legs and feet. I gave her some homeopathic Hyland's Leg Cramp remedy, they're sublingual tablets that dissolve quickly under the tongue. Also, they have a cream that she says works well. There's quinine and other homeopathic goodies in these products. Might be worth a try.