foot stress fractures, anyone else? being directed to pain mgmt

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    well, i have 2 stress fractures in my left foot. last april, i had them in my right foot. my pcp (whom i really like) is sending me to his pain management dr to deal with it. i am a heavy woman, and the walking boot and crutched about did me in the last time. also, i think this has to do with not being able to work.

    does anyone else get foot fractures? is this common in fibro/cfs?

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    we could post photos or web sites or something here!

    I had a couple stress fractures close to my toes that just didn't heal - well, the insurance would not pay for another triple phase bone scan to tell, and so my foot dr. "assumed" they healed.... but I tell you I don't think they ever did.

    I wore out 2 walking boots after being on crutches for a year. Then they made me an AFO (up to the knee) which I wore for over a year.

    That's what lead me to a Rheumy - and the diag. of Fibro - although it had nothing to do with my foot - she was like "oh, did you know you also have Fibro?"

    Anyway, she put me on Miacalcin nasal spray for the bone pain. Worked wonders for a couple years.... then a bad sinus infection stopped it from absorbing and I was back to square one.

    after a couple more years of limping and pain, I went back to the guy who made the AFO as it had helped me the most. I said why can't I get something like the AFO but that fits just in my shoe? If I keep wearing the AFO I will ruin my ankle, and there is nothing wrong with it. We tried a few things, and he has come up with the most amazing brace. It's like a cast for my foot that fits inside a tennis shoe. You have to look hard to see it.... the shoe is a size and a half larger than normal.... but it keeps my foot from moving at ALL... and there is NO pain from the fracture site.

    If there was a way to take a pic of it and send it to you I would, and you could try something similar. It has changed my life! I can walk normally in it now (after a short adjustment period) with no limp, I can put all my weight on it (I am 5'1 and weigh 210) I wear it almost all the time. Not to bed, sometimes not around the house. I got it about 3 months ago, and I am wondering if it will finally make it heal after all this time ----- and if not, I can deal with wearing this thing forever if it makes it pain free. It's easy to put on. I wear a thick sock with it. It's very comfortable.

    Dang, I wish there was a way to show it to you!!!! It is impossible to describe.... I have never seen anything like it on the net.

    Moderators - how can we do that?
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    I have had them.

    Your PCP should be sending you to an Ortheopedic Surgeon and NOT a pain management doctor to deal with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am a diabetic; therefore, it took my fracture an unusually long time to heal -- one full year!!!

    My foot was first put in a hard cast that only left my toes sticking out and just came to my ankle. This was first put on by a Podiatrist/Foot Surgeon. I am also overweight. I was not allowed to put any weight on it for the first six weeks and had to stay in a wheelchair.

    Then the doc changed it to a different type hard cast with a rubber "walker" on the heal of it so I could walk, but only when necessary. I was still to spend most of my time in the wheelchair.

    This doc was going to be out of her office for weeks, so I went ahead and transferred to an Orthopedic Surgeon who specialized in feet. (My family felt better, too.)

    I then went with the big moon boot for months on end. The last six weeks was an orthopedic post-surgery-type shoe.

    It healed in one year. Then I dropped a can on my other foot while I was barefoot in my kitchen. It broke the toe.

    Both areas still hurt, and I have developed arthritis in those places.

    I must wear good shoes, and have gone to diabetic shoes with special padded inserts in them to protect my feet. I am SUPPOSED TO wear shoes in the house at all times, but I don't. (Bad girl, Janet!)

    P.S. Not a any time during the one-year treatment of my broken foot did any doctor even offer me a pain pill!!!! And, I didn't take any that were especially for my foot. My records all indicated that I took Lortab, when needed, for my back condition. That is probably why they didn't ask me about pain control, but I think they should have at least asked me if my pain was being adequately controlled!!! LOL Oh, well, I guess they figured if it hurt bad enough that I WOULD ASK THEM!!!!

    Take care of your foot - and look into a hard cast! Only way to keep foot from moving so it will heal!!! Only problem is taking a shower, sitting on bath stool, sticking that leg out the shower curtain!!!!

    Take care,
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    I haven't had stress fractures, but that sounds terribly painful. I was wondering if you've taken a lot of prednisone? I think that causes osteoporosis. I hope someone here can help. Best wishes!

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    I checked today, and he is more thana pain dr, he is a sports rehab dr, too, but I can't get in for 2 weeks, but my nurse is trying to work me in.
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    about a hard cast is what makes the thing the prosthetitist made for me work. It's a lot like having a hard cast on.. it immobilizes my foot completely, .... only it fits in a shoe, and I can take it off. It covers up the entire arch and heel of my foot. It's open up the top where sneakers lace up so that it can be put on, but it has velcro straps to keep it on and I snug it up tight with them. My foot is so snug in it, that I can only lift the very end of my toes a little bit. No wiggle room in my foot. It was made by very carefully making a cast of my foot in just the right position, taking measurments of angles etc till we had the position/angle/weight distribution right. Then, the cast was sawn off to make the impression of my foot that the thing was made from. It's like a 1/8 inch clear hard plastic cast. The bottom has a thin carbon and metal plate in it to keep it from bending, just like a cast would not bend. The BIG difference is, that this is then cut and shaped so that my ankle can freely bend front to back, so I can have a more normal use of the foot, while keeping the bones of the foot absolutely in place, just like a cast. It keeps my bones much more still than the big knee high moon boot did. He made 3 different things till he came up with this. It's pretty incredible. AFO is really not the correct term for it. It's more like a slip-on forefoot immobilizer. Then, where the hard plastic goes over bones, he has lined it with a thin soft padded shock absorbing foam stuff. At the top, where it's shaped and molded near my ankle, it's flared out so it doesn't chafe, or poke me in the skin.

    I did think of a way I might be able to put a picture of it if anyone is interested. I think I could take a pic and put it in my profile.

    After looking forward to being in foot pain for the rest of my life, I am really indebted to this man's ingenuity and refusal to give up until he came up with something to help me. If only we had more health care people like that. When I went back in for my final fitting after wearing it one month, I broke down and cried, I was so grateful to him.
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    I have had two seperate stress fractures - in the same place - but one on each foot. I have never been able to figure out how they happened but they really hurt. The first one I finally went to a Podiatrist after my PCP could not figure out what was wrong. They took x-rays and picked up the fracture immediately.

    The first time was probably over 10 years ago and he just wrapped the foot with ace bandages and put me in one of those orthopedic shoes and crutches. I couldn't use the crutches right and it was as awful as you describe. The second fracture was much more painful and happened about 5 years ago. Now I remember that I ended up at the ER both times and they both gave me demerol.

    The last instance happened at the same time I finally got diagnosed with the FMS. The ER doc (who was no help at all and I waited 3 hours for the classic - there is nothing I can do). I cried and cried and he gave me demerol and shooed me away. However, on the form they give you when you leave the ER he wrote down Polymalgia Rheumatica so I asked my PCP about it and it all seemed to click. She finally referred me to a rheumy and I finally had my answer and a stress fracture - which the rheumy insists is not connected!

    I know I am rambling here but the second fracture hurt more, took longer to heal, and I had a soft cast on for over 2 months.

    This is interesting though - between the surgery thread, car accident thread and this thread - I wonder if all of these things are connected.