Foot Ulcer, Loose bone and Lawsuit...

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    I'm writing to see if anyone has gone through a similar situation or if anyone has advice.

    I have been in a wheel chair for a year because of a foot ulcer. My nurse has discovered that I have a loose bone in my foot. It seems my doctor failed to tell me this, even though he took various xrays. I've been informed that the doctor's failure to remove the bone has caused or exacerbated the condition.

    My question is whether this is true or not. As a lawyer has informed me that if its true, I should sue him as he initially wanted to amputate and then put me in a wheelchair for a year. How serious is a loose bone in the foot (because of osteoporosis and about 2 inches in size) I APPRECIATE ALL AND ANY REPLIES.


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    You really need to have a consultation with another physician and I am surprised you attorney didn't inform you of this.

    There are to many variables here such as do you have diabetes? How deep is the ulcer? What bone is loose and where is it in relation to the ulcer?

    Do you have vascular disease? When did the loose bone first show and did it ever show on any other x-rays? When did the ulcer develop and what is it due to?

    You see what I am getting at it isn't so black and white.

    Have you ask your physician why he did not tell you about the loose bone and if there is a relationship to the ulcer?

    Please seek a second opinion on this from both attorney and physician.

    Best of luck,

    Karen :)

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