Football Fans - Need Advice About Staying Warm at Game

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rockyjs, Jan 15, 2006.

  1. rockyjs

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    We were able to get tickets in the handicapped section for next week's AFC championship game. I'm so excited, but a little concerned about staying warm that long. It looks like it's going to be about 40 degrees at game time and will get cooler toward the end of the game.

    If I get chilled, my muscles start cramping and aching and I usually get sick the next day, so I need ideas from you seasoned football veterans about how to stay warm.

    I'm going to wear insulated ski overalls, a down parka, boots with felt packs, gloves, etc. I also thought I'd put a Thermacare pack around my back which should give off quite a bit of heat. I think we can take in a blanket, so that should help, too.

    Any other suggestions are welcome -

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    I'm serious! That's what they're called. It's a microwaveable gel seat cushion that keeps you warm for 6 hours. They have to be ordered online, I think, but some stores have them, particularly in the East (Camping, hunting, sporting goods stores)
    I highly recommend it!

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    If the storm coming out of the northwest holds on till Monday, then game day should be almost balmy. I'm still going to wear lots of layers and take them off & put them back on as needed. We often see a variation of 40-50 degrees between morning and evening.

    Now I've got to figure out how to deal with the noise. Invesco Field/Mile High Stadium set the record for the highest decibles during a game. I'm going to wear ear plugs and probably ear muffs over that. It's mostly low frequency from all the fans stomping on the steel bleachers so hopefully it won't mess with my nervous system as much as high frequency noises.

    Go Broncos!


    PS - we like the Steelers, too, just not when they are the ones to keep us from going to the Super Bowl :)

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