football player and mitochondria dysfuntion

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    I just saw a new story of a young athlete who had an illness which disturbs the mitochondria. His symptoms reminded me much of ME-his main problem was the lack of recovery and crashing after exercise or exertion. the story focused on how he tries to continue his education and play football--which is a big balancing act--of exertion--and rest......he takes a lot of supplements that help the mitochondria--such as co q 10.....
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    Hi, inbetweendays.

    This sounds as though it might be "overtraining syndrome." This is a disorder recognized in sports medicine. I think it is the same as ME/CFS. One of the possible causes of ME/CFS, in my hypothesis, is too much exercise. This produces oxidizing free radicals, and places a demand on glutathione. If it goes too low, it leads to the partial methylation cycle block that is at the core of chronic fatigue syndrome. Methylation treatment might help this guy.

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