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    Hi, I wanted you to know how "VERY SORRY" I am about a post you did for me in December about interstitial cystitis. I was reading through all the old posts on this hoping to maybe find something to connect my problems with this. Well, i seen the post that you had written. I am truly sorry that I never replied to it. i honestly did not see it. I surely would have replied if I had.
    In the post you asked about the scarring they removed. I have had three children naturally with no surgery. And had only my tubes tied. The GYN said that they said the ovary and such in to test for endo and it was normal. Didn't come back showing any. So, I really do not know what to think. I am having a terrible flair with it again and feel like I did before I went in for Emerency surgery. i see the Rheumo tomorrow and want to see what he thinks.
    I want to thank you so much for the information and I truly am sorry i didn't reply. I honestly did not see it.
    Again thank you so much and I'm sorry.
    Take care,
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    I want to tell you that whenever you post we're here and when you can't or forget we're here. Sending wishesand hopes and prayers that your dr. visit is productive and that you find some answers. Love, Selma
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    No Problem!

    That's what is so great about this site. We ALL understand...unconditionaly!!

    Sometimes we can post other times we can't. Maybe we don't feel well enough, maybe we forgot or maybe just too busy.

    So don't worry about things like this. Save your energy!!
    Good to hear from you.

    Susan B.
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    I appreciate the kindness from both you that you have sent my way. Thanks so much. I just try very hard to be here for everybody and I am really surprised that I miss that post. Thank you my friends.
    sending big hugs,