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    Hi 2 girls:
    I just read your post on gardening, and I am a wannabe gardner. I also live in a cold climate and have a question for you. I live in Northern Minnesota, about 100 miles from the Canadian border. We are even colder thanthe "coldest spot in America", International Falls, Mn.
    What types of plants and flowers grow best in this cold weather, short growing season climate? I am going to start a flower garden this spring, and need advise.
    My fms is horrible right now, so need to learn about easy, low maintenance plants, flowers please. Also any tips on gardening with fms.
    Thanks so much.
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    Hi Sue - Sorry I took so long replying (been off the computer).
    I hope you will have help in spring, because you will need to prepare a garden bed if you do not already have one (amending, turning soil).
    I would suggest lots of perennials and shrubs which are low maintanance,
    Here are some of my favorites:
    Lily of the valley (tiny white, beautifully fragrant wax-like flowers) grows in shade.

    Daylilies - fragrant - grows in almost any soil (sun).

    Peonies - highly fragrant (full sun).

    Rose bushes - Rugosa (low maintanance, slightly fragrant)

    Lavander - fragrant (full sun)


    Lilacs (a must - fragrant/gorgeous)

    Weigela (butterflies love them)

    Buddlia (butterfly bush)


    I like to grow annuals for containers:
    petunias (wave series)
    lobelia (trailing)
    sweet peas (best fragrance)
    geraniums (zonal, trailing)

    I also love fruits/veggies in garden.

    I used to spent alot of time digging, rearranging and cleaning up "spent" flowers. Not anymore. I got rid of my higher maintanance plants. In spring, I give the gardens a good dose of compost and fertilizer then let them do their thing. The best advise would be to recruit family and friends to help with the labor intensive work (digging, turning, etc). I love watering the garden - it doesn't involve much work yet is so satisfying!
    I would suggest doing an on line search for major nurseries in/around MN - get a catague (usually free) and start dreaming up your garden! This in itself is a very calming, fun thing to do.
    Good luck and let me know how your garden grows..