For ac77---classic migraines

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    Hi, I'm sorry I'm late to welcoming you, but you mentioned migraines...I get the classic type too, more like once a month on average (but not menstrul-related, mine can be two weeks apart, or six).

    Anyway, I don't take any regular pain meds (I have FM, but pain is usually manageable) but in the last year, I started getting these migraines, always right half of my head. Anyway, after "toughing it out" too many times (the nausea got almost worse than the ice-pick pain) my doctor prescibed Maxalt (it comes in 5 or 10 mg.---usually the 5 does it for me, sometimes I take a second dose a few hours later). It worked wonders! And I usually lay down for an hour or so after I take it, but you can function fine on Maxalt, didn't make me sleepy or anything. I have also used (before Maxalt) 25mg of diphenhydramine, like in OTC benedryl or dramamine) doesn't help the headache at all, but made the nausea so much more bearable, so I could function if I had to. But Maxalt does it all!!

    Good luck, congratulations on graduating from medical school especially dealing with CFS----and (I say selfishly) what a benefit for us to have one more savvy, FM/CFS-knowledgeable medical professional in the world!!! YAY!!