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    I am seriously thinking about seeing a hollistic doctor that understands CFS. I am originally from Indianapolis so I am thinking about seeing Dr. Guyer in Zionesville. My only concern is cost. I know it varies per patient and per doctor but I was curious to know what kind of costs you have been subjected to. How much for initial visit, tests, supplements. This doctor also prescribes regular medicine. Does insurance pick up meds if they are prescribed by a doctor other than your PCP or specialist?
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    Hi. I also live in Indianapolis. I'm not sure, but I don't think Dr. Guyer accepts insurance. You'd better check before you make an appt. with him. I know he's very expensive. Just make sure you find this out before you see him. I've been to one or two of his talks, and I personally am not crazy about him. That's just my opinion. I hope he can help you!!!! Good luck!

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    I see a D.O who specializes in FM/CFS/MCS.
    He does accept insurance (although I am uninsured).
    Office visits are much more reasonable than all the "ologist" I had been seeing in a major medical university and clinic--before giving up on all of em.
    They averaged $125. to $200. per visit, and I was lucky to spend 5-10 mins. with them, and they afforded no diagnosis, or treatment.
    The Doctor I see now, is a days drive, but well worth it.
    He treats with conventional RX'es, Vitamins, Supplement, and other alternative treatments. He is very much ontop of current research, has a large enough client base, with which he has gained lots of experience, and is a wonderful advocate. He understands that these are multisystemic disorders, and individual treatment regimes are neccessary.
    My initial exam with him was for 1 1/2 hours. Consequent visits can be scheduled for 30 mins--$60.00 or 45 minutes, and I think those run $80.00. He is a wonderful listener, very thorough, and I always come away feeling as if I have truly had a good experience, and at a wonderful rate. He is very cost concious since I don't have insurance, even giving me office samples, when we start a new regime, until we see how it works. So far we have pain under control, sleep deprivation remedied, IBS and Leaky gut asymptomatic, Systemic Candiasis alleviated, RLS, twitches, jerking, numbness, and other neural symptoms gone....I use a wide variety of supplements, vitamins, and prescription meds.
    This has been a godsend to me! Now we are working on the exhaustion from the CFS, as my FMS symptoms are so much better. I have begun taking vitamin B12 injections at home. I have had the best week and a half I can remember since the onset of FM/CFS.
    To the best of my knowledge....prescriptions are picked up by insurers, but supps and vitamins are not. I am uninsured, and this is just what I have picked up through talking with other patients, there.
    Best wishes, on this won't be disappointed. If this doctor is too costly, and will not accept your insurance, or if others have stated he is unsatisfactory, don't give up---there are good docs, and with reasonable rates.
    If cost is a big concern, for you as it is for me, try calling ahead and asking them about their office visit rates, and insurance info.
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    I'm also from Indianapolis. I"ve had FMS for over 20 yrs but stopped going to my rheumatologist several years ago when it seemed he didn't have much to offer me in the way of help. Who do you see here? I've gotten much worse in the past year and the fatigue is about to shut me down. I can't stop what I'm doing so I have to find a way to cope or treat it.
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    Hi Raven. I see Dr. Denise Thornberry. She is a Rheumatologist and I've been seeing her since I was diagnosed about 5 years ago. I like her a lot! She understands FMS and is very respectful. Her office is at Methodist Medical Plaza No., 201 Pennsylvania Parkway, Indianapolis, IN 46280-1393. Her office number is 317-817-1400. The building is on Meridian Street and 103rd Street. As I said, I really like her and have already referred someone else from here to her. Please let me know what you decide to do!