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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by wrthster, Apr 25, 2007.

  1. wrthster

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    I feel the need to bring this out in the open so all of you can be informed. Antibiotics kept me going for three years. They made me feel terrific. But now I am paying the price due to being diagnosed with a bad case of C. Difficle. This can be gotten fairly easily from the overuse of antibiotics. (please google)

    For all those, especially with past antibiotic use or any type of hospitalization or GI problems, it is a simple stool test. It can be a very dangerous complication of the use of antibiotics. Most doctors are not very well informed about this. I learned the hard way and am having a very hard time getting rid out it. I am having an Infectious Disease Doctor treat this.

    The treatment is usually Flagyl or IV Vancomyacin. So if you are on a protocol or considering one, get yourself checked before and after. It is really important and I think that it is not being told to those of you on the protocols or with IBS or GI problems. Make sure also if on the protocols to take a ton of pro biotics at least two hours apart. Just my thoughts and best of luck. I hope this is helpful.
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    Heard a doc tell a patient, including me, to take probiotics when on ABX. Actually, as we age, our guts produce fewer and fewer good bacteria, so probiotics should be part of our regimens just to keep our guts healthy regardless of whether we take ABX.

    I am fortunate that years and years ago, I saw a tape on Leaky Gut Syndrome and started taking the probiotics. I had IBS but the probiotics didn't seem to help with that. Strangely enough, when I started taking Doxycycline, my IBS cleared up. This leads me to believe that, at least in some cases, bacteria can cause IBS just as they can cause some ulers.

    I was on Doxycycline for 2 1/2 years with no apparent problems. I had to take it for a chronic mycoplasma infection which had triggered my ME/CFS full blown. I wish I hadn't had to take the ABX but doing nothing about a dangerous chronic bacterial infection was not an option for me. Now, there is a transfer factor for mycoplasmas and that might be a safer option. Still, I'm happy to be rid of the IBS.

    Thanks for posting this warning and I'm sorry about your problems. I've been trying to spread the word about probiotics ever since being here. Immune health begins in the gut and probiotics help keep the gut healthy. I also use the undenatured whey and colostrum sold here to help build up my immune system. I do use the TF's sold here to help immunity from other pathogens common to our illnesses.

    Love, Mikie
  3. wrthster

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    Yes, I did forget to put in the C. Difficle part, I must be sleeping. And I would not be suprised if many of the people on this board have it and are not aware of it. Than they get put on antibiotics and it makes it worse.

    It's very confusing, and a constant battle. But I want everyone to know it is out there, doctors never mention this or like Mikie say's pro-biotics. The other thing is, when a lot of people always think it is yeast related, it may have something to do with the C. Diff. It is a simple stool test and worth checking.

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