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    Give it a little time to load and the video will start eventually.
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    Hi Bakeman,

    This is a terrific find! Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

    It's really great that mold illness is getting attention in a positive way. The sympathy that the news report and this woman's friends and family have for her situation (including for her sleeping in a tent) is really encouraging.

    Unfortunately, I'm very suspicious about whether she's going to get much better as a result of the treatments she's undertaking.

    The drug she's taking, Cancidas, is an antifungal. It's like a souped-up version of Diflucan or other drugs of that sort.

    I don't think it's wholly inappropriate for her to be taking an antifungal drug. People who have systems that have been whacked with toxic mold tend to have immune system issues. Like many CFS sufferers (some or all of whom also have been whacked with toxic mold), a lot of mold illness patients have systemic candida.

    Candida makes a toxin that's not too dissimilar to that made by stachybotrys or other toxic molds, so having it churning away inside the body is adding insult to injury. To the extent that it can be brought under control, that's obviously a good thing.

    And since this patient, Jennifer, seems to be doing a lot better now that she's in her tent, hopefully her immune system will be able to tolerate the drug without too much of a herx as the candida dies.

    Unfortunately, this drug will not help to remove the mold poisons from her body. I wonder if she's planning to also take cholestyramine (which is the drug that Dr. Shoemaker recommends for this purpose).

    The story says that she was diagnosed by a doctor in Texas and is planning to go there for treatment. I did a little Internet search and suspect that they're talking about the following center:

    The really unfortunate thing is that this center is in Dallas, which may be the worst place in the United States with regard to outside toxic mold. Subsequent to flooding in that area, a lot of building materials were left to rot. As is the case in New Orleans, the outdoor air is worse than the inside air in many quite moldy buildings. I had a really hard time just driving through this area, and another individual with mold reactivity got extremely sick there during a more extended stay.

    Of course, the reason that the center is in Dallas likely is because so many people there have been exposed to toxic mold and there thus is a demand. I hope that this patient (who's from New Jersey and seems not to be too sick as long as she stays outside) doesn't get more sick just from being in the area though!

    This is the first time I've seen information about this center. It reminds me of the FFC's: the basic treatment philosophy is not entirely unreasonable, but it's quite cookie-cutter and super-expensive.

    I doubt they help anybody get a a whole lot better, but perhaps some folks do get improvements. I hope so. And I guess it's good that the problem of mold poisoning is becoming well-known enough for a place like this to come into being (though it's also scary that it's becoming so much more common).

    Thanks again for putting this story on the board!

    Best, Lisa

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