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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by lgp, May 10, 2011.

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    My daughter was not able to be with me on Mother's Day, but she sent me a very beautiful song along with her good wishes. I will see her very soon though! Please take a listen; I had never heard it before, and now I can't stop listening to this beautiful song.

    Unfortunately, I cannot seem to link the Youtube video to this page but the name of the artist is Alela Diane and the name of the song is Oh My Mama. Please listen to it on Youtube! It's sooo beautiful--made my Mother's Day and I hope it will make your day today too!!


    P.S. If anyone has better luck posting this song from Youtube, please do. For some reason, it will not let me do it. Grrrr....

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    Here is the link. Wow she has a beautiful voice and is a beautiful woman!

    Hope all the Mother's here had a wonderful Mother's Day and the children here got to spend time with their Moms or thinking about them.

    My sisters (and oldest niece) went to brunch with my Mom where she lives (the 5 star Independent Living facility I swear!) All she wants is to spend time with her family. I think that gets to be the most and only important thing in her life as she gets older. It makes me sad that I don't spend more time with her - more quality time. It seems that I'm always in a hurry, rushing in, then rushing out when sometimes she just wants to sit. We do talk on the phone A LOT which is great. She is still the only person who will spend HOURS talking about my kids when they were babies. We rehash the same old things over and over again. I love it! =)
    Gosh, I love my Mom SOOO much it actually hurts my heart.

    Later after brunch, my oldest son came down and had dinner with my youngest son, husband and I. Wasn't hungry at all, but so happy to have my little family together. I've got both kids graduating within two weeks. One from college and the other from HS. So many life changes in such a short time. I guess I don't do change well, I'm way too sentimental.

    There is another FAVORITE of mine I'd love you all to hear. If you've never heard Eva Cassidy sing before you're missing a huge treat. She passed away from Ovarian Cancer at a young age but was a huge talent. This is a song I definitely want played at my funeral.
    Please listen if you get a chance. My favorite rendition of "Somewhere over the Rainbow"
    You won't be disappointed!
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    Thanks for posting Alela's Youtube performance. I still don't know why I could not post it. I even had to copy and paste it twice to finally get it to open..maybe it's my laptop. I will have to call in my Tech Support team--on the job 24/7 free of charge. Okay, it's my husband--lol!! I'm glad you enjoyed the performance--it really brings tears to my eyes.

    I also viewed Eva Cassidy's was overwhelming. And her tragically short life makes it even more poignant.

    I was lucky enough to be with my mom on Mother's Day..she only lives a mile away so I see her practically every other day. I know I am very fortunate for that. I am fortunate also that my older parents are still able to maintain their own mom actually cooked Mother's Day dinner for everybody because I had surgery a month ago; she didn't want me to do anything! And my sister was able to be there as well. The only down side was only two of the five grandchildren could come..two away at college (mine) still and the other (my niece) working in a restaurant. It's hard for me, especially on days like Mother's Day to adjust to my twins not being there. But that's life. And I don't do change well either!!! I cried off and on all day Saturday, knowing I would not see my girls Sunday. But they called and texted me throughout the day; and they sent me songs and silly messages. I really do know how much they love me!! And we decided to celebrate Mother's Day on Father's Day. I know that sounds weird but they will all be home for my other daughters recital the day before. All families have to do what works for them, right?

    You are so right, the best gift we can give each other is time. And you really made me laugh when you said your mom is the only person who will spend HOURS talking about when your kids were babies. My mom too!!! And I love it and I can listen to it again and again too! My mom is so funny....and my kids adore her too. I so love that! It's amazing how much we come to appreciate our moms after we became moms ourself!!


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