For all those that get DUMPed by Doctors, state medical board!!

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  1. saphire27

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    Here you go, you need to check with your states medical board for example:

    (virginia) BOARD of MEDICINE just put your state in place of Va. The check the official site, maybe under controlled substances, just use your judement or read it ALL!


    You can report that Dr that isn't helping you, or insults you, etc.They will investigate such allegations.

    They know Drs fear investigation or santion by federal & state & local agencies may also result in inappropiate treatment of pain. Appropiate treatment of pain is the treating physicians responsibility. But the board will also reconize that some types of pain cannot be completely relieved, they will take into account whether treatment or non treatment is appropiate for the diagnoses, and will encourage better pain management possibly.

    It may also result in physicians LACK of KNOWLEDGE about pain managment. Boards may also reconize that controlled substances including opoid analgesics may be essential in the treatment of acute pain, chronic pain, whether due to cancer or non cancer origins.

    The Board also states that physicians SHOULD recognize that tolerance & physical dependancy are NORMAL conseqences of sustained use of opoid and are not the same as ADDICTION> So if the state board can say these things, why can't your doctors???

    I'm so sorry some of yall are going threw this. I would indeed say to your doctors that are dumping you, "why exactly are you dumping me? is it that you don't know how to treat me< or i'm just to difficult to treat. then say to them what ever your state board says, i printed mine out so if a docotr ever says that to me I will repeat this to him or her, as they should already know what it says. Alot of Drs don't think we're all that smart, that we wouldn't know our PATIENT RIGHTS. Or what we can do to the drs that insult us or undertreat us.

    Don't let any person do this to you. drs are just people too, we can educate ourselves, then quote to them, so they will be put in their they are set to do the same to us, it's work both ways.

    Just a thought for everyone who is not happy with their current doctors.

    Luv & hugs!
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    Although I have not been dumped by a doctor, I have been insulted before, but I changed doctors quickly; I am very fortunate to have that ability. This is good information to have in case something happens...very wise to be informed before the fact.

    I hope that those who have had problems recently will be able to use this info to help themselves and send a message to doctors. You have done a great service.

  3. ckzim

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    Lots of info, on the Michigan site! Finding out tons of stuff.
    After reading the site for about 1/2 hour, realizing,yes the doctors are accountable, for what kind of care they are giving us, yet if you look deeper, bigger picture, from what info I am gathering from this Michigan Gov. site, under the Dept of Consumer Industry Service, they have a board to answer to. This committe, people who sit on this board governing the rules and regulations, the ones finding the doctors in violation, are listed on this site. One of them being a Govener of Michigan, there is also a Director listed. Among other interesting information, I noted that the paper work involved for the medicine they prescribe, is staggering! Another glimpse, of maybe why doctors delete us.

    Is this another avenue for us? Yes, start with the small fish, but maybe there are bigger fish to fry?
    Maybe their hands are not as tied as they like us to think, but I do beleive this "fear" of this board,leaves them in the "chicken" koop?

    Also on this site was info about doctors who have been fined and lost their lic's, I noted that several where due to Lack of Knowledge. Interesting? So like maybe when I bring in all I find, it threatens the doctor, of not doing what hes suppose to, and out the door I go. (total speculation on my part) I am searching for what exactley does "Lack of Knowledge" mean to this State Board?

    I will get as much info as I can, I really want to get to the bottom of this, see what actually can be done, other than the doctor level.

    I have had both insult and undertreatment done to me.
    I left one Rhemy in tears! He called me everything but a human being! Comments like, lets see if you "really" get your xrays done, and "where I come from your all drug addicts!" Stuff like this is so degrading! It took me so off guard, that I left in tears! I ended up apoligizing to him, in order to get any kind of medication. His intimadation worked. Which made me twice as angrey! Yet also twice as strong!

    It's important to me, to know my rights, and it makes me angry that doctors are pulling this kind of stuff on us, at the same time, I want real action, and if the doctors won't stand up to the plate, maybe we have to.
    How does one fight the State of Michigan Boards?
    I am thinking lawyers here? YIKES!

    It makes it particulary hard, for us that live in smaller communties, there are only so many doctors to go around . Cause problems in one place your black balled from the rest.( as records are transferred back and forth) Causing us alot of hard pavement pounding to find a bigger city doctor, who may or may not help you, or insurance accpentance, etc..etc..

    I myself am going to educate myself as best I can, do what I can, where I am at. Maybe have alittle talk with "Dr. PASS ME DOWN about this...see what he says.
    I'll keep ya'll posted.
    Thanks for the info Saphire, and everyone who wrote, to encourge me today. It really does put the fire under my butt to not just sit here and take it.
    It's not like I asked this doctor for anything but maybe a different regiment. I even asked about different vitiams, or homemdics or something? I got the boot!

    I just want to live my life, not even what it use to be, not even pain free,( I know that's not possible right now) but at least a functioning part of society!
    Hugs to all.

  4. jennypee

    jennypee New Member

    Thank you thank you thank you! I'm going to carry a print out too.

  5. saphire27

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    Yall are welcome, it's alot to read, so take your time, and print some things out, organize it in a folder, and remember it, for your next visits.

    Don't really go in and attack right off, calmly talk back and read from your print if needed. But if they insult you or bring you to tears, thats uncalled for.

    I'd ask for my copayment check at the front desk back, I'd tell them that I think I might need to change my info on it to be sure, then when they let you look at it again, tear the darn thing up, and tell the doctor he/she is in violation of the state medical board.Tell him you WILL excercise your patient rights!!!!!and that physicians aren't the only ones who have protection. Or something like that.

    But only after you get all the info you need. That'll get there attention then for sure. Maybe he'll ask you to come back in the room and renegociate

    Much luck!
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  6. kch64

    kch64 New Member

    Hi Saphire27,

    Are you in virginia? I am too. I'm in northern virginia

    Do you have a good doctor for fibro?


  7. kch64

    kch64 New Member

    Thanks for the time you took to answer my question. She's a bit too far away for me, but you live in a nice area down there by Tech.

    Maybe you could try acupuncture. It really does some good and compared to the pain we have, it doesn't hurt at all.

    I'm thinking about going back.

  8. elsa

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    Especially where it concerns cruelty, or demeaning behavior.

    I ask that everyone keep a couple of things in mind. Not all doctors are part of MCO. They do not have to treat a person indefinately. They can walk away just like the patient can. They have some choices concerning who they do business with .... and it is a business.

    There are very clear steps they need to take when discontinuing care ... each state will be different so look them up and be familiar with them.

    If it is critical, acute care then they cannot "dump" you unless there is an equally or higher trained individual ready to step right in and take over. Otherwise it is abandonment ... a clear legal term for patients to be aware of.

    Refusing to continue to treat someone who has a non-life threatening illness (and the doctor has followed all proceedures outlined by their MCO contract) is not illegal. We are not in a socialistic healthcare state yet and doctors do get a vote on this issue.

    Making them document the refusal of continued care ( ie reason for discontinuation, dated and signed by doc and office/group manager) does give them pause to think about whether they really want to follow through with this. If they do choose to follow through then you at least have ammo against any potential prejudice from future MD's.

    We both have rights. We both abuse those rights .... not all, of course, but some on both sides. An educated on patient's rights person is in a great position to ensure the quality of their care.

    It isn't ,however, carte blanc to have at it and demand things that are over the top. In the same vein, those patient's rights ensure the doctor doesn't have carte blanc to do "at will" over us.

    The second thing to consider is do you really want to stay with a doctor who has been officially called on his behavior ... either by a hearing or just by throwing that signed document condition at him?

    By this point it's probably best to have them sign whatever is needed for your future protection and move on down the line. The trust that is so critical between doctor and patient has been tarnished by this point ....

    Thanks for posting this. It's excellent info that we all need to take the time to become familar with regardless of our health condition or relationship with our doctors. We should look at it as becoming an informed consumer and not as having a tool to "keep 'em dancing to our toon".

    As for the abusive, demeaning and cruel cases, I say let fly with the medieval stuff .... In all aspects of life, not just healthcare providers .... I have zero tolerance for that sort of thing whether you are a doctor or my neighbor down the street.


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