For all you who have tailbone pain

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    On our local news yesterday they interviewed a doctor and a patient who has had this pain since she had her children. The doc showed that there is this little bone like thingy on the end of our tailbones and that gets pushed in where it causes alot of butt pain. He said the way to correct it is you go thru the rectum and push it back. It works for up to 3 or 4 months for most people. No surgery involved. The lady who had it done said it was such a relief that she goes every 5 to 6 months so she doesnt have to live with the pain anymore. I'll see if I can come up with the doc's name.
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    I have had pain in the tailbone for the last year but it has gone worse this last 3/4 mths,so much so that i have had to use a cane to walk with some days.I have never heard of that,but have thought of going to see the dr soon cause i am in so much pain,i might mention this to him when i go.Thanks for this information i will certainly find out about it.Regards Sharon
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    My chriopractor said that this is a very painfull procedure. They insert their finger up your butt hole and push it out that way. He said he has done it a few times only because the patience asked him to no matter the pain but he said that once they have it done they never have it done again because the painfull process involved in doing it is awfull. Plus it only last's for 4 to 6 months. I have a broken tail bone and asked him what he could do to help the pain and that is what he said. I DON"T THINK SO....
    Just thought I would share my opinion
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    I'd never want to go thru a procedure like that, sounds soo painful. If I got relief for a lifetime I'd then consider it, but not for a short term fix, I will just keep my Tush-Cush handy I think.

    Hugs, Teresa
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    Boy, you learn something new everyday, dontcha.

    Ouch. My tailbone hurts just thinking about it. I think I'll just continue leaning over to one side instead.

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    That was never mentioned on the show. Sorry I just heard it and thought I'd relay the info to you all who have this bad pain. I dont have it myself..yet. Only you that suffer with the pain know what you go thru, I just offered the info incase someone wanted to ask their doc about it.
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    Hey, everyone!!!

    I'm so excited to see you all discussing this issue!!!!

    I had such terrible tailbone pain for about 40 years. It came and went, sometimes worse than other times. It started because a boy "spanked" me with a dictionary with I was eleven years old.

    By the time I was in my mid-20's I could not rise from a sitting position without help, it was so TERRIBLY painful, nor could I move from standing to sitting without help. This lasted several years, and and then it got better, but from time to time it got worse again. It never went away completely.

    When I was in my 50s, I found a woman chiropractor whose speciality is "spines." I know this sounds funny. One thinks that all chiropractors specialize in spines, but this is not true. I had another chiropractor who was a gynocological chiropractor and delivered babies. He prevented me from getting a hysterectomy when I was 38. I'm 60, and never had a hysterectomy and am fine.

    Anyway, the woman chiropractor, who I still go to once in a while for other things besides the tailbone, worked with me and my back -- esp my tailbone -- for a year. She told me that maybe I'd want to do the "internal adjustment" through the rectum at some point, if it did not completely go away. Finally, I decided to try it. We did, three times. And that was the COMPLETELY, AND TOTALLY END OF THE PAIN IN MY TAILBONE. That was over 8 years ago.

    I don't remember any particular pain. She is a completely gentle and professional physician, who knows what she is doing. If the procedure was highly painful for some people, then I would say they were probably working with the wrong doctor. My doctor worked with my spine for a very long time before attempting this, so a lot of relaxation of the spine had already taken place.

    And by the way, after that first year, I've never, ever again had to go for that long of a treatment. Now, I go once or twice when I feel my back getting tense. I probably go 6-7 times a year unless I injure myself which is rare.

    Swimming and hot tubbing are the best things for me. Unfortunately I have no access at this time to a hot tub, but I do arthritis aquacize at least once a week. This keeps the doctor away!
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    Even when it's something that dosen't apply to me, I make notes about new things that others are kind enough to post here. I figure someone else might be helped by the Information, it's happened a few times already.

    So Thank you for offering the Help and Information.