For any family caregivers who need a break Please Read

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    Hi everyone. I have FM, but I am also the part-time caregiver to my mom who has Alz.

    Recently I sent away for information on a caregiver retreat here in So Cal. At first I didn't think I could afford it. The price was $160.00 for 2-days. But, they called me up and told me no one was having to pay because they rec'd a grant to completely paid 100% of each caregivers cost of the retreat. I just wanted to past this on.

    The retreat is during the first week of March and another one in August.

    If anyone is interested here is the web site and contact info
    (Edited to remove URL)

    Contact information:
    Heather Zimmerman, Program Coordinator,
    Ph: (213) 740-7363 Ext 4
    Dr. Donna Benton, Director: (213) 740-5904

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    Anyone who is a caregiver and truly the lab we used to say when you could no longer fill the price it was time to quit.

    I think the above sounds helpful but I don't know if we are to post that url or have the inquirer do so via e-mail. Love CactusLil'