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    I know a lot of us on this board take a variety of meds and most are very expensive. My dr wants me to take Lipitor for cholesterol so I called the Wal-Mart pharmacy to ask what the price was because I am on Medicare and have no prescription coverage. The pharmacist told me about the Pfizer prescription coverage available for low imcome people. I called the 800# and they told me that I was eligible...YEAH. The cost...once my applicatoin is approved will be 15.00 a month. The Pfizer company is sending me a list of their medications so that I maybe can use this discount with other meds as well.

    If anyone is a search on Pfizer prescription medication...there is a list of sites to click on the one that says "Free/Discounted." I used Google and it is the very first one. There are also other drug manufactures that provide the same plan.

    I don't know if I am allowed to give out the 800 # on here but it is 1-800-711-2712. You have to be on Medicare to receive this benefit but there are some others available also.

    Hope this helps some that need assistance.


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    working together can obtain medications, either free or for a small amount of money, if you meet each pharmaceutical's company's guidelines at Look at the site, and bring their toll free numbers to your doc, and ask them to help you don't need to be on Medicare, but you have to have low income and no prescription coverage..

    Hope it helps someone,
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    Pfizer also has a program where you can get the meds they supply for free. DH gets his lipitor free from them and several other meds from other companies for free. We are applying right now to Ortho for Topamax. We qualify for it cause its so expensive. DH is on Medicare and has no prescription coverage and my insurance wants me to pay half for the Topamax - just cant afford to pay that much for meds. Hope these two programs can help someone else! Gentle hugs to all! ~Toni
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    Just a bump for those that missed this.
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    I got on assistance for topamax and ultram. They won't divulge what your income has to be but you may qualify even if you have health insurance that doesn't pay for full prescription coverage. Definitely worth asking your doc on these spendy ones, topamax can be $3 or $4 for a 200 mg pill, my doc wants to get me up to 200 mg twice a day! Boy am I glad I don't have to pay for it.
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    Good information for a lot of folks, thanks for providing it. I have good coverage, but my elderly, retired parents are on medicare and take some expensive meds like lipitor, they'd probably qualify. Thanks for mentioning this!

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    The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) and 48 of its member companies have a patient assistance program that you can check out online. Do a Google search for HelpingPatients (one word, with the H and P captitalized). The correct site came up as the first hit when I tried that. At the HelpingPatients web site, you can check to see whether the manufacturer of the drugs you use has such a program, how much help the program offers, and what the general eligibility requirements are. (I'm sure that you need to apply to get a specific answer covereing your individual situation, but the web site information will give you some idea of what's involved.)

    Pfizer is one of the participating companies--but not the only one.

    --Laura R.M.