? for anyone on antivirals and transfor factors PLEASE RESPOND

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    I just started my antivirals, valtrex, and transfer factors yesterday. My doctor told me that I would become very ill for approx. 2-3.

    I am starting to feel really bad, like I am coming down with the flu. Is this from the med's or is it too soon for the med's to be making me sick. Will I be contagious?

    Could I be getting the flu?

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  3. deliarose

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    Just a week or so now.. but it's making me feel tired.

    Otherwise, I feel more normal, esp. mentally.

    I'm suprised you're on both antivirals and transfer factor.

    Seems like a lot for the body to handle.

    But I have heard that TFs can cause malaise and fatigue.

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    Mikie is the real expert on this but I think it is likely that you are getting an immune response which often manifests in flu like symptoms. It is interesting that you are taking both together. Some doctors believe that the antivirals could possibly kill off the live virus in the TFs. I have read of others doing as you are though so don't change anything!

    I think your Doctor is right about you feeling ill for a while. You may have to go slower if your response is too intense, especially if you are taking the 2 at once.
    Just take it one day at a time.

  5. lbconstable

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    Hi Andrea,

    I read your other post about test results. I wish you the best of health in the treatment ahead.

    I'm not being treated by FFC, but by a rheumy whose protocol is similar. He is a bit more conservative, meaning we really went a lot slower, starting one approach at a time. I started with a blood thinner and then transfer factor 8 weeks later and then an antibiotic 8 weeks later again.

    I'm not taking antivirals, just transfer factor. I've tested positive for EBV & HHV-6, but negative to CMV. In the beginning I would go through periods of immune responses that felt very much like flu symptoms. I would run a low grade temp., be very tired - like a fatigue flare, achy, and sore throat. I would get a funny taste in my mouth. I would cycle through these times.

    I've been on the TF for over a year. I haven't had a significant immune response in quite awhile. Occassionally now I'll run a low grade temp for a few hours.

    It's been a godsend to me. I've recovered about 80%+ my energy levels. I hope it works great for you!

    I would do all you can to detox while this is going on. Your body will be dumping a load of dead agents.

    Love & Light...
  6. deliarose

    deliarose New Member

    how long do u think u will have to stay on teh TF? What brand are u using and what do u do to detox?

    I'm on ImmuneCare 64...just started..it's making me tired, but I feel more normal.. if that makes sense.

  7. deliarose

    deliarose New Member

    how long do u think u will have to stay on teh TF? What brand are u using and what do u do to detox?

    I'm on ImmuneCare 64...just started..it's making me tired, but I feel more normal.. if that makes sense.

  8. mrstyedawg

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    Thanks everyone for writing and wishing me well.

    lbconstable: How can I detox? What tranfer factor brand are you using. My cost 150.00.

    Reading your post gives me hope.

    Thanks alot,
  9. lbconstable

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    Hi Delia & Andrea (and all others)-

    I'm taking Transfer Factor Blend 100 by Advanced Medical Labs that I purchase from ProHealth. I may take it forever - I don't really know. It costs $159.50 for 30 tabs and I take 1 tab/day. Rheumy would like to see me taking 2 tabs, but I think financially it makes more sense to stay at 1 tab/day and have some $ for other supplements.

    I think I do know what you mean by feeling more normal - even though one feels sick. When I was going through the immune responses it was a distinct feeling. It was a lot like a CFS flare, but different.

    Andrea -
    I'm so glad sharing my brief story gives you some hope. Just keep at it because you really may feel worse before feeling better. But the payoff is HUGE!!! I'm so very thankful to be where I am today.

    I've done so many things. I started to run down my whole history, but it's just too much. And it's evolved so much it just seems like a labyrinth of info. So I'll start over and try to keep it simple.

    The thing to remember is our bodies detox via the lymph system and the blood circulatory system and then eliminate toxins through the skin, breath, urine, & stool. So anything you can do to keep these pathways moving is a good thing. And if one's system is busy cleaning out bad bugs one can help it out by not adding extra work with junk food or bad chemical etc.

    I started with an elimination diet. The concept is pretty well accepted in alternative medicine circles and probably less accepted outside those circles. The basic premise is that many people have low level allergic responses to food. The most common allergens are dairy products, wheat, soy, nuts, and eggs. I avoid all milk products and soy products since I've tested intolerant of these products. In my case if I consume milk I break out in cold sores. It's just an added stress to an already overburdened immune system.

    I take nutritional supplements and antioxidants that support the detox system. The multivitamin I take is Thorne detox formula (high in selenium & other important nutrients). Vitamin C, Vitamin E, CoQ-10, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Calcium D-glucarate, Magnesium glycinate, Zinc, l-glutathione.

    I've also done some herbal regimens that proved useful a Colon cleanse program called CleanseMax by Advanced Naturals. I also tried to do their LiverMax cleanse, but it proved too much for my system at the time, I think I could safely do it now. Ultra Clear Plus by Metagenics is a good product too.

    It's controversial, but I've found it very helpful - Professional Colonics and I perform daily coffee enemas. There's been several threads discussing the risks/benefits. My medical practitioners support these practices for me.

    I learned of a detox bath on this website that I use regularly. In a bath full of water 3 cups Epsom Salt and 3- 32 oz. bottles of Hydrogen Peroxide. I get these from Costco so it's relatively inexpensive. I dry brush my skin before bathing occassionally. Dry brushing the skin not only removes dead skin cells and debris from the surface it stimulates the lymph system too. And I make a salt scrub with sea salt and various oils (olive, safflower, almond, and lavender) that I use on my skin in the shower.

    Yoga is great. Before our daughters came I found a very gentle class that I could tolerate and went at least once/week. Yoga involves a lot of breath work which helps release stuff. The gentle movements also stimulate lymph flow. Meditation is good too.

    My husband just turned me on to this recipe: 1/2 cup pure cranberry juice in a gallon of water. He tries to drink 100 oz. of this daily. I'm not drinking near that much, but he says he's really cleaning out (if you know what I mean).

    There are some great foods that have detox properties too: lemon, ginger, garlic, parsley, cilantro.

    I've read lots of good things about infrared saunas. My husband and I built a cheapy one and I use it sometimes. It feels really good to me to sweat. I really slowed down on it's use though because I read that excessive heat can illicit the hypercoagulation cascade that so many of us seem to deal with.

    I've also become very conscious of the cleaning supplies that we use in our house. And limit fragrances - perfumes, cleaning stuff. I just want my body to deal with as little as possible so all resources can go to eliminating bad bugs and toxins.

    Hope this helps. Love & Light.....
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