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    The guy's name is Dr. Martin Lerner. IMO, the only good thing about the info is that it was printed in "The Wall Street Journal" (Sept 19, 2000).

    He says that people with CFS have heart damage caused either by EBV or CMV. What turned me off is that he "holds patents to diagnose chronic-fatigue syndrome with heart monitors and to treat the condition with antiviral agents. He has another patent pending for the use of immunological tests to diagnose the condition."

    Granted, I know almost nothing about the field of medical research and stuff, but I figure patenting the stuff is just so he can make money off it rather than truly helping us. (Though apparently he had CFS too.) I may be wrong in having this opinion, but oh well.

    He suggests Valtrex (generic=valacyclovir) for the EBV, and Cytovene (gen.=ganciclovir) for the CMV.

    The stealth virus article was written by W. John Martin, Md, PhD. The 4 patients presented in the article (all physicians) were treated with ganciclovir. (The info was presented at a medical conference my dad attended.)

    My doc tested two cardiac enzymes in me, and both were fine. I tested positive for EBV in 1997 and CMV just this year. We're using Valtrex, but since it's so spendy ($270 or $370 a month) he's been saving me samples. It has been suggested to me here to just use OLE.

    For antiviral therapy to work, you have to be on it a *minimum* of 6 months. Someone has been on it for 2 years or more, because every time they've tried to stop they feel worse.

    Mikie is on Famvir and likes it. You could check out the web site for the Institute for Viral Pathogenesis. In their "Antiviral Treatments" link they talk about several antiviral meds and their success in treating HHV-6 infection. Famvir is not listed, Valtrex sounded the best to me.

    Cripes, I was going to suggest searching old posts, but I don't think I've seen any scientific info on a/v therapy since I joined in early June. Maybe just do a web search on those two guys, and maybe a search in this Library for "antiviral". Good luck.
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