For CFS Throbbing Exhaustion & Debilitating Brain Fog: Lidocaine Lotion & Adrenal Complex Capsule

Discussion in 'Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Main Forum' started by hangininthere, Aug 11, 2017.

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    The Lidocaine lotion alleviates my throbbing exhausted feeling from a CFS flare. Along with an Adrenal Complex capsule, which clears my thinking a good bit.

    When I needed to go grocery shopping today but was so wretchedly exhausted like I would never be able to move again (in a flare from the last grocery shopping the week before), I rubbed Lidocaine lotion on my arms and hip and thigh areas, and took an Adrenal Complex capsule, and I was noticeably perked up enough in mind and body to drag myself out shopping.

    Tomorrow when the CFS post-exertional-malaise flare hits me again, I'll rub the Lidocaine lotion on my arms, where I feel the throbbing exhaustion the most when lying out flat in bed between weekly shopping trips. Maybe take an Adrenal Complex capsule with it, if it's too unbearable of a flare.

    The Lidocaine and Adrenal alleviates a lot of the pain and clears my brain fog up enough to not feel totally wretched with the post-exertional-malaise flare of CFS, allowing me to rest more comfortably instead of despairing.

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