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    What are you supposed to use for curing the board before use?

    We just got a new one and the information sheet that came with it said that before using and to help protect it it should have some type of curing compound applied.

    But they do not tell you what to use.

    Anybody have any ideas about what should be used???

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    I used olive oil, but that does have a light flavor. I have also used canola oil. No flavor in that. I'd be interested to know what others have used.
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    Seasoning a Cutting Board: Before using a new butcher block, season it to prevent staining and absorption of food odors and bacteria. Use a product that is (1) edible; and (2) tasteless. USP-grade mineral oil is a popular choice as it is the cheapest pure food-grade oil you can buy (do not use vegetable or olive oil because it can turn rancid). Mineral oil remains safe throughout its life. NOTE: Pure mineral oil can be easily found at your local drug store.

    Before applying oil to butcher block, warm the oil slightly. Apply oil with a soft cloth, in the direction of the grain, allowing the oil to soak in between each of the four or five coats required for the initial seasoning. After each treatment, wait about four to six hours and wipe off oil that did not soak into the wood (oxidation or hardening of the oil will take approximately 6 hours). Re-oil the butcher block monthly or as often as needed.

    Here's a link to the site where I found the above info at.
    Lots of info on chopping boards


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