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    I am a single mom, 40 yrs old, in AZ & have 2 sons, 1 is 17yrs old & suffers w/pilonidal cysts on his back- he already recieves SSI Survivors Benefits as his father is deceased. He just moved back in w/me last year, as he had discipline problems & anger management problems so severe that his caseworkers convinced me to have him leave our home at age 11.
    The other is an 11yr old w/severe emotional disability- he has truancy issues & behavior issues & has been in special classes for past 2yrs - he makes progress & then he goes back... The funny thing is even though he breaks the rules we all love the little booger to death- he is quite the charmer- however his psychiatrist also says that he is 'the most manipulative child she has EVER met!'
    If you would like to e-mail me- use my screen name at AOL & place FMS/Chewie in the title of the message.