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    Cinca I just read one of you post about husband and I ca soooooo relate! I am 39 and have a 3 year old son with Sensory Intregration Disorder. I also have a 13 year old daughter from first marriage (my first husband died when my daughter was 1.) I have FM and CFS too. My husband has been verbally abusive to me for awhile now and it is the crazy-making kind. I told him I wanted a divorce just last night! I just cant take it anymore I am getting so much worse with my FM. It has been and still is just awful around here. I have been so alone in all of this. I dont get any help what so ever from him with the kids and he expects so much from me and has no compasion for how I feel everyday. I could go on and on but cant right now. I just know we need to get ahold of each other somehow????

    Do you have Yahoo IM? I dont know how to go about it with out giving out email address? Mabey we can meet in chat room somehow? Anyone have any ideas?

    Well Cinca I will be thinking of you and looking for you k?

    Take care, Codey
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    P.S. Cinca I have some very good book recomendations that have helped me out alot!

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