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    I have another question about the thyrod nodules.You said you had trouble swallowing,I do too.But,I had surgery for a ruptured disc and they went through my neck and I have been assuming that scar tissue was causing my tight throat! Anyway, you said your biopsy came back negative so was there anything done about how your throat felt? I hope I don't always have this feeling.


    You know to be honest with you.......I'm not sure if when they went it and performed the biopsy they "punctured" if you will for lack of words, the cysts. Therefore, I at this time do not have that tight feeling around my throat anymore.

    I'm not sure if the scar tissue your referring to may have something to do with the tight feeling around your neck. But for me, it was an uncomfortable feeling. It was as though someone always hand their hands around my neck. Now at least I can breathe easier AND wear turtle neck tops with no problem. Maybe you should ask your doctor if this could be the case for you....I mean your scar tissue.

    Just remember Tina to ask for some sort of medication to relax you prior to your biopsy. Take it from'll need to be as relaxed as possible.

    Hope this helps and Good Luck on your biopsy date and keep us posted. :)