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    Coyote, I'm a recovering alcoholic too. I didn't take what was said in the posts about "Addiction--AA/NA", etc. as being against AA as a whole (maybe I was too tired to have a negative reaction).

    I think what was discussed was people finding no support at all from people in spiritual groups that espouse acceptance, tolerance and caring but don't practice what they preach, so to speak.

    That, I think, is on-topic--just like talking about coworkers or spouses. Or maybe I just think that because I don't have coworkers to deal with anymore, or a spouse. :)

    Hope I'm not inflaming things....
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    That's what I was trying to say. Sometimes I can explain my thoughts right. The only place I get more support than here is from my DH only. No where else now.

    Coyote....I didn't mean anything directed negative straight toward AA/NA's. I do know the good it can do in people's lives. My adpoted father and stepmother are in AA. My younger years were awful, but now what a difference AA made in them. AA is the resaon they're alive today. I was hurting from the rejection I got all around.