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    Hi jody, I had seen here awhile back that you had taped the movie"I Remember Me". Well I tried and tried to get ahold of a copy,our library does'nt have it at all.And another member here said she would make me a copy and I'd pay for the tape and shipping&handling~Well I contacted her thru e-mail and she never got back to me. I would really love to see this,for myself and my mom is 67ys old and she has FM too.Also i'm hoping it will give alittle insight to my children and boyfriend~ If you could get me a copy I'd be forever in your debt!!!LOL really!!! I really,badly want to see this~Just let me know.If too many others have alredy asked and its a problem....thats fine,I'll totally understand~
    Take care,
  2. tandy

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    hoping for a reply~???
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    Is this movie about a woman with FMS? If so, I'll definitely want to look for it!

    I don't mean to sound stupid, but I don't watch too many movies, so I'm not sure I've heard of this one...

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    One copy would be great!! I'll share with mom~ We live near each other. I will e-mail you with my mailing address. Your awsome for helping me this way!!
    btw-What did you think of the movie? Is it a tearjerker?
    Thanx again&again!! oh-somebody asked what the movie is??? I forget your name!!I'm so sorry! The movie is a new release(I think)A documentary on CF sufferers and what they go thru daily.I myself have FM....but the two DD are so much the same that I'd be interested in owning this to.