?for doc or nurse,etc...Can swallow, but, it gets stuck just

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  1. Betty50victor

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    about an inch above the mid-breast section. It's like the tube has closed up. Sometimes lasts as long as 30 seconds. Sounds like not a lot of time but when you feel the food stop there and it feels like a football turning end over end in there it's a long time. I have even pounded my chest trying to get it to move down. It's very scarry. Probably happens at least once every other day or so. Hasn't been any particular food either. I don't eat spicy/hot food...so... I'm lost as to what it could be. I've seen lots of posts about not being able to swallow. I can but just gets stuck on it's way to my tummy.
    Any ideas/thoughts on this? Does fibro have anything to do with this?
    Thanks again for being there.... Betty (who just turned "49" today...I just feel that "I'm too damn young to feel this damn old") Hugs to everyone here
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    Hey Betty, I am a big 47 today! I had very similar symptoms in Jan. and was dx with esophageal spasms. I have been taking Protonix and knocked off the caffeine (killer!) and I don't drink anything carbonated anymore. If you do a search for esophageal spasms we had quite a big discussion about it last Jan. Best wishes- I hope yours improves like mine did!
    Darla ( oh yeah, I am a nurse too :)
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    I have woken up a few times while sleeping having an anxiety attack because I cannot swallow, in my sleep I must exaggerate it in my mind & I wake up thinking I cannot breathe, I just tell Scott to give me a drink of water & tell me to go back to sleep, so we keep a glass of water on the nightstand. Happens to me while eating once in a while & just while doing nothing, I try to ignore it, comes & goes and I think that my anxiety over it just makes it worse.

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    So, check out the Esophageal Spasms...sounds good. I mean Bad! Also look up sjogren's disease. I know you said you Can swallow, but if there is not a sufficient amount of saliva in the food chewed & swallowed...Possibly...this is why the food feels like it is getting stuck. Just not enough moisture to get it down? I always Have to have a glass of water with my meals and snacks, or I gag! BTW It is Best to eat meals withOUT any fluids to drink- if you do drink water, etc, you end up diluting the gastric juices in the stomach =indigestion, etc! That one was free. LOL :)
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    Nomoredance....hi...I'm an RN....not making a diagnosis here, but..could be a hiatal hernia...you need to see your Dr. and get an upper GI...that will show if it is...until you know for sure I would suggest eating slowly, chewing your food REALLY good, esp. meat/chicken and eat small bites...IF it is a hiatal hernia meat/chicken and other food could actually get stuck so it's wise to eat small pieces and chew thoroughly....be sure and get it checked...there are meds to help if it is a hernia. Hope this helps....
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    to you also". Hope you had a good day.
    Thanks for the ideas. I'll check into all of them. And, yes, I'll have the doc check for the .....hernia thing. Sorry, I forgot what it was called already. I'm sure you understand. Can't remember much of anything short term. I'll go back and write everything down. That's the only way I can get what I'm supposed to do, done. Oh well, goes with the territory...DD
    Love and Hugs to you all, Betty
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    Just to add my two cents. Everyone is somewhat right. I had this in my mid 4o's.very painful,and scary. My doctor explained it as esophogeal reflux. A valve at the end of your esophagus closes when you are nervous,not allowing anything in your stomach.Common problem for middle age.He put me on valium for a short time and it got better over time. Chewing food has nothing to do with it,and in my case water stuck to adding to the pain.Try not to eat when your nervous.Take a small bite and wait to see if it goes down. If it goes down your fine to continue eating.I would forget sometimes and eat a lot and it would go no further than the middle of my chest.The only thing you can is try to calm yourself,breathe,and eventually it will go down.In extreme cases,if the pain is too bad,you have to make your self vomit. It should improve to no big thing after a while with something like valium. See your Dr. to be sure.Hope this helps---calm eating---Terry