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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by BethM, Oct 2, 2005.

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    Hey, Doxy, welcome to the world of packing a house. YICK! Don't overdo, ok? It's so easy to get into the 'groove', and not rest enough.

    I'm paying today for too much cleaning yesterday. EVERYTHING hurts today and my temp is up again. Oh, well, I will rest today. Need to go out to Lowe's for a couple of things, but nothing urgent.

    Did therapeutic baking this morning,have banana bread in the oven. Smells heavenly! Want to come over and have some banana bread and tea?

    The house has been looked at a few times, not enough. It's by appointment only, as I don't know how my big dog will react if strangers come in and I'm not here. I doubt he'd bite, but it's possible.

    I called the realtors yesterday, suggested they get on with selling the house. That's what I am paying them to do!

    I am feeling like I need to get out from under the responsibility of this house. I want/need to live somewhere with less house stuff to take care of. This place is just too big now, needs a family with kids and pets! They could even keep horses here, it's zoned for livestock.

    Yes, lunch sounds great! Not sure when, though, since I am back to work now. The first few months of school are chaotic and stressful.

    Take care, I'm so sorry you are getting sicker. Where are you planning to move to?

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  3. BethM

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    glad you got this message. The board moves so fast sometimes posts get buried on page 2 or 3.

    my next two weekends are pretty full, so maybe after that? If the house really sells, I won't have to 'babysit' it on the weekends anymore.

    Washington state, wow! that's an adventure! We have friends in Bellingham, way up north. It's beautiful there.

    Do you have any worries about how you will feel in the damp weather there? I am a bit concerned about that where we are going. I think I'll be fine, though.

    stay in touch, ok?


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