for dumb internet fun, try madlibs

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    Bored? Type madlibs into a search engine, lot of sites to choose from.

    Never tried madlibs before? You type a list of words (nouns, adverbs, etc.) then when you are finished, the words you picked are inserted into a story that you then get to read. It's unpredictable what the result will be. Very good for the insomniacs among us when there is nothing on TV. ;)

    Job Application
    I think I am qualified for this job because I'm silky soft. I got a college education at the New Jersey and I majored in gym shorts. I consider myself very surprise because I'm a sequined purse. I'll be working to support my hilarious wife and our three dangerous stockings. I'm looking for a job that pays between 9 and 1 dollars a year. I have experience using uneventful roses and a chocolate. I have a distressing attitude that makes me good for spilling. I think these, among many other qualifications, make me right for this oblivious job. Thank you.
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    but I didn't know they were available online. I'll let my kids know...they'll love it! Thanks, Terri
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    w/ my 12 year old son decades ago. We filled whole tablet of these silly things. (Dont know if you can still buy those tablets or not.)