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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kch64, Nov 30, 2005.

  1. kch64

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    Hi Ellen,
    I just read your bio and I wish we lived closer together. We could watch horror/suspense movies together. I also love cats (have one like a son ...LOL)

    I still haven't made it back to work, but am trying. I am going to do what you do and try to start exercising more. Maybe it will help my fatigue and sleep.

    Just wanted to say hello again.

    Kendra (kch64)
  2. EllenComstock

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    How nice to come to the message board this morning and see a message especially for me! I just read your bio and see that we do have a lot of things in common like being an animal lover and owning cats. I just posted a message the other day about one of my cats who died suddenly (vet thinks it was a brain aneuresym (sp?) or a blood clot. I just got a new baby-a 7 month old black cat named Raymond. He is a real cutie!

    I see you live in Virginia. You don't mention a husband so I assume you are single or divorced. I'm sorry you are not doing well. I am doing better mainly because I finally found a FMS doctor who believes in aggressively treating pain. Now that my pain level is down to a reasonable level, I am sleeping better although I know I still don't get enough of the stage 4 sleep. I am also on a medication that has helped the restless legs syndrome by about 80%, which was certainly disturbing my sleep. I have also found a product that helps my interstitial cystitis (chronic bladder pain). My endometriosis is better now, too. Sometimes it is so overwhelming having so many health problems!

    It's been a long road, but I am better now. Exercising is not easy to do when you don't feel well, but I know I am better for it.

    I see you are also a fan of horror and suspense movies. I assume you like monster movies, too? I don't know if you go to the threatre or not, but a remake of King Kong is coming out this month.

    Well, thanks for talking with me and I hope you are doing better soon. I know I wouldn't be doing as well without this board. Take care.


  3. kch64

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    Yes, I like monster movies too.

    Yes, I'm married. just my cat for a kid (smile).

    Good to hear from you too.

    Bye for now.