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    hi elsa,

    i hope this message finds you well :) i was just reading some posts on ultram and your name came up. i started seeing a new doc today who prescribed me ultram. i've only taken 2 doses so far, but i love it! does that "lift" you describe go away?? i hope not. the mild euphoria along with the pain relief is great, and the generic is so cheap compared to the newer nerve meds like lyrica. has the pain relief been pretty reliable and consistent for you on ultram??

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    Thanks for asking after me. I am doing well and improving alittle more as time goes on. This last segment of my treatment is been wonderful. Full of "after the fact" little surprises.

    I haven't taken an afternoon nap in probably a month, but it didn't really sink in until tonight. Sat back and thought ... "Wow, no nap lately". Not at optimal levels yet, but am getting there.

    I have been able to pop in only occasionally but I often run across some of your posts. It truly sounds like you are feeling better. This past summer was a difficult one for you I'm thinking. It's nice to "hear" a little spring in your step .... so to speak.

    I read your post on acupunture. I'm so pleased it is working for you. I had a few sessions in the early days. It too helped me .... I put it on the back burner with message therapy. I derived benefit from both, they just didn't follow my guidelines .... My "rule" was to try to find treatments that helped but did not take all of my time.

    I wanted my life to be about Elsa, ... who happens to have fibro .... Not a fibro patient who happens to be Elsa. I know they are always there if I ever need to start treatments again.

    I'm thrilled you are getting some good relief from ultram. It has been a true wonder for me. I started out in April 2004 on ultracet. It didn't take me long to decide I wanted to switch.

    I had read here of other people's "little lift" as well. However, that applied only to tramadol, not to ultracet.(Ultracet made me sleepy .. who knew adding tylenol could make the same drug act so differently?)

    In the past I have found tylenol ineffective for me in many ways ... Why keep taking something that didn't benefit me?

    So, to answer one of your questions ... yes, I have taken tramadol for about 18 months ... two months previously were ultracet. It has worked for the most part beautifully. There have been times that it didn't work all the way ... But that happens with almost every drug with us.

    Another one of my "rules" was to not take something that would make my excessive daytime sleepiness worse. Tramadol has been perfect for me.

    I hadn't really had a break thru pain kind of episode in a long time and I am really quite active. I do follow the pain protocol my PCP set out for me alittle after the time I started tramadol. He was adament I start a dosing schedule and stay on it regardless of how I'm feeling.

    I take two tramadol 50mgs and 600 - 800mgs ibuprofen every six hours. For the most part I follow it, but what really matters is that I get a dose of pain medication 4 x d. The goal was to break the pain cycle and then stay ahead of it. In other words ... take my meds like clockwork until my body lets go of the cycle it had been stuck in.

    Now I am not as regumented ... I do get that dose 4 times a day, but it isn't written in stone anymore...the every six hours plan.

    I continue to this day ... 18 months later ... still getting a "lift" from tramadol. I have never thought of it in terms of euphoria ... but I do get a bit of a spring in my step from it. Combined with my EDS medication, I was able to survive that first year somehow.

    I would suggest during your "getting used to it" phase that you only take one 50mg tab anywhere near bedtime. My sleep study research shows that 2 50mgs tabs taken at bedtime will reduce REM sleep, whereas 1 50mg tab will not. This is on top of the difficulty you may have in initially falling to sleep.

    That is a trade off I can live with. Reduced dose late at night in order to protect my good sleep. In return, my pain is controlled and I'm not wacked out, drugged to the nines, unable to function during the daytime ...

    I'm glad it works for you. In my same sleep notebook is the information about tramadol and other analgesics. It did say that ibuprofen (and/or tylenol) taken with tramadol will increase tramadol's effects. This combo has worked wonders for me.

    I periodically have my liver enzymes cheched ... make sure all is doing as it should. They came back better then fine. Last blood draw was Sept 26th.

    Good luck on this. Coupling tramadol with acupuncture may just end up being your "pain protocol". I hope so.

    Take care,


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    yes, i think the tramadol combined with the acupuncture is going to be a beautiful thing. the only thing missing is a little something to help with energy. my new primary care physician likes the hormone therapy part of the ffc's protocol, so i may go back on the hormones for a little while. i couldn't handle the immune boosting component of the ffc treatment, but the hormones worked great in the beginning.

    i'm supposed to be taking 50mg of the tramadol 4x a day, but i'm holding off on adding that fourth dose b4 bedtime. i know it will keep me up. i took my last dose around 6pm yesterday and stayed up later than usual. i couldn't imagine taking one right before bed until my body gets used to the drug.

    still seeking the right balance but getting closer! thanks for your reply.

    be well,

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