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    Hi, just wanted to share something that has quite literally saved my life. For a long time I've known I wasn't able to digest food adequately and have tried enzyme supplements with just a bit of result. For most of us w/fibro our cells are so gunked up and neurotransmitters in astate of constant confusion that we aare malnutritioned, resulting in fatigue, irritation to IBS, unhealthy hair, nails and skin, plus a whole lot of other absurd consequences. I am pleased to share that a year ago now I bought a JUICEMAN juicer and watched a presentation of what it does, and it is great! A regular juicer is only made for juicing the soft flesh of fruit and veggies. This "JUICEMAN" juices the entire fruit or veg. Which is where most of the real nutrition is found, in or near the rhine/peel. For example
    an entire cantaloupe (yes rhine and all)has several times more calcium than milk. A beet and apple blend will cleanse your pancreas, while strawberries juiced will help production of red blood cells. Using this machine and the recipes supplied with it even our bodies are able to absorb the nutrients and readily utilize the value, and eliminate
    unnecessary waste. Happy Juicing!
    love to all ,Rebel
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    I use to juice and it did make me feel better!! I have not had the energy to juice in the last year though-I wish there was a way we could get the juice without all the hassle of cleaning and cutting and buying that goes along with the juiceman!! I am glad it is working for you!! Stick with it if you have the energy.
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    I have had one for about five years. I do feel better when I juice. I delute my juice with half spring water. I wish that I could live on juicing. Once I add solid food my stomach don't like it. Happy Juicing. Gail
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    I am now on the Somersize diet, and most juice is soooooo high in carbs. The Juiceman mainstay of carrots and apples is really high in carbs. I am keeping the machine so that when and if I ever reach my target weight, I can go back to juicing a little now and then. My real concern is that drinking carbs like that may spike insulin.

    Love, Mikie
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    I read a book on HYPOGLCEMIA, It said that you can juice but always delute with half of water. Never drink pure juice. Gail