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  1. allhart

    allhart New Member

    is there any of you who has NEVER had any vaccines?

    if you have had vaccines have you thought that they may have been a reason for these dd?

    thank you
  2. nomopain

    nomopain New Member

    for the Victoria flu in the 70s. I got so sick with high fever, sweats, chills and just wanted to die for a few days. It was terrible. My health has not been the same since. Had bout after bout of bronchitis (which I never had before) for a few years thereafter.
  3. kredca4

    kredca4 New Member

    I have always felt that the Vaccines I received as a child has contrubited to my haveing the FMS. I was among the first to receive the Salk Vaccine,.
    Also Enviromental Poisioning is high on my list of Could be's, maybe even a combo of both. Lived across the street for 5 years from the city of Lakewood, Ca Dump, that also had a Bambo Forest, and was next to the Flood Control, before they Paved it. We had a lot of Mosquito's, and they Sprayed every Summer for them, not that it helped.
    I remeber laying there at night, with them buzzing my head, and biting me. We used to put salt on them to stop the itching, that's what ya do when your poor folks.
    You use Home Doctoring, lol, as my Grandmother called it.
    She and my GreatGrandma had Nursing training so that was a joke, most times.

    I have been checking into my other past Neighborhood's, wish we still had the archives from the last board, I wrote a lot about my Mussing's, as to what Triggered this, all of my Sibling's, 5 of them, have the FMS, along with other Conditions, and Symptoms, that Doctors haven't figured out yet. I have the Better Doctor's so I get asked a lot of questions by the family.

  4. Kay2

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    I just posted about this on carolyn 0508 post. This is how my Cfs started was the flu shot. I had fibro before this though. I posted the phone # for the NATIONAL VACCINE INFO CENTER ON CAROLYNS POST. Its dedicated to informing parents about VACCINATIONS, EXEMPTIONS, AND LEGAL INFO. Here is the phone # 1-800-909-SHOTS. Their web sight is unbelievable. Its the same as the phone # with out the 800. SHOCKING.I would Never have given my kids a shot if I had known about all this. nor would I have gotton one.This # will help people know their rights as a parent, And to get kids into school with out shots. The web sight is the BEST!!! tHANKS FOR POSTING SWEETIE!! lOVE lINDA
  5. allhart

    allhart New Member

    i truley belive that this is one of the causes of our dd ,everyone has diffrent reactions and diffrent exsposer to diffrent things,
    i think between that vaccines and things we are exsposed to our bodys just cant deal with it anymore and everytime we are exsposed to some new viruse or toxin we get worse most of the time we have no idea that we even came in contact with what causes us damage,
    please before we vacanite our children or even get a flu shot read more about vaccines,
    the info linda (thank you so much! you the gratest) listed is grate please check it out if i knew then what i knew now i would have never got my son vacciated and maybe he wouldnt be showing the symtoms of fm now,if the dr ever let me know of the reasons kids shouldnt be vacciated none of my children would have been ,my youngest hasnt been vaccinated and has never had to be on a antibotic at 14 monthes with 4 older siblings that says alot,
    thanks for your time
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  6. Princessraye

    Princessraye New Member

    to vaccines.
    Yes I had them. Whatever they gave in the sixties .
    My mom has fms/cfs and she has a vaccination mark on her arm but I don't know what type it was.
  7. spatialbean

    spatialbean New Member

    didn't vaccinate either of her two daughters. One has fibro, the other doesn't.

  8. garyandkim

    garyandkim New Member

    ever noticed a change in their babies temperment after the shot began. I know we have noticed more and have really paid attention to our last child. He had some minnor problems since that first Hep b at hospital the day he was born. But, we have noticed that he has a shorter temper not bad but different, gets head aches more, stomach pain, eyes,the light some days he wears sun glasses in house. Hives breaking out for no apparent reason or timeing. I know that lead is used in many but, they say now that will be stopping. Too late for many. Constpation. I know our FMS doc is always asking about him and what is going on and I see him every month. He is starting to wounder.

    I know our one son with FMS had been in hospital several times starting at 6 mos and they couldn't give a dx 3 times in. We can't find a ped that believes so I have been slowly educating her and her acceptance is growing. The problem is the group is from The Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia know as CHOP. One of the best but, they all have differnt attitudes toward FMS. Sorry to ramble but, this is one thing we have beeen convinced hurts. But our docs want us to have as many vacs as possible. A real Catch 22.

    Boy I hope they get this figured out in our life time.

    Thanks for the post, Kim
  9. Kay2

    Kay2 New Member

    YOU NEED to look up that web sight. You will be soooo shocked what you read and will NEVER let anyone you know have vacinnations!! I WONT!!
  10. Kay2

    Kay2 New Member

    Bumpity -- bump!
  11. Annie06

    Annie06 New Member

    These vaccines are really sounding scary..... could you please forward me the web-site?? Thanking you in advance!

  12. Kay2

    Kay2 New Member

    ANNIE my addy is under my bio. Send me your addy and I will send you the web sight. Linda
  13. dobrydy

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    3 y. ago son was recovering from the bad case of mono, and we thought it was over. He was acting healthy, though his bloodwork did not return to normal at that time. Then he recived Hep B vaccination in his elementary school. School nurse was sure that it is a good thing to do. The consequences are absolutely devastating. Immediately (next day) my son became very ill, and now sufferes from very severe case of CFS. No doctor is willing to report this as a complication from HepB vaccination, since 'there is no such thing as HepB vaccine complication". Meanwhile my child is completely disabled with no hope in sight with all these treatments that I try and try and try! I am absolutely 100% sure that his symptoms were caused by HepB vaccination. Unfortunately we have no recourse against this stupidity masquerading as solid medical knowledge. God Only knows how angry I am!
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  14. allhart

    allhart New Member

    thank you everyone that resopened it means alot to me