For Fibronan and anyone else in Memphis, TN area

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  1. grannyofalot

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    Good Morning!

    I noticed that you are from the Memphis area, too. Also, you said you had found a good dr. I used to have a wonderful PCP, but for some unknown reason, he stopped private practice. He was really a wonderful listener and was very knowledgeable of FMS, etc. He was about to start my paperwork for disability and also recommend a rheumy for me. I have searched high and low and have not found anyone that I know here with FMS. I've had it for so long that I do not even remember when it started. I also have Osteoarthritis and numerous other health problems. Right now, my gyn just writes out my refills when I ask. He's trying to be patient with me and does seem genuinely concerned.

    Well, I've rambled on, and I know you're getting bored, so back to my original question: Are we allowed to mention Dr.'s names on here? If so, could you tell me who you go to? I would surely appreciate it!

    Thanks bunches! and, soft fibrohugs to you and yours'

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    Hey Granny,

    I too have FM having just been Dx and you are not alone in Memphis - once I told some of my co-workers why I have been so loopy lately 2 of them confided that they, too, have FM but were ashamed to discuss it. Why ON EARTH would you be ashamed??? I dunno but they have since become more open with it and I think they have gained new respect from the others in our office - now people don't think they are just slackers...and are being more supportive. Now there are 3 of us in one spot and we are helping each other get through the FM days!

    Now...back to your doctor question. I would suggest you contact the Methodist Teaching Practice on Eastmoreland. It is near Methodist in midtown. The internist's there are very aware of FM and should be able to help you. Good luck to you!!

    Be good!

  3. babyblues68

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    Hi from one southern belle to another,

    I'm from Memphis. I live in Cordova and my doctor is in Bartlett. His name is Mike Lemmonds at Bartlett Internal Medicine. He is a Internal doctor...not a rhumey. I had a Rhumey that diagnoised me, but would treat my pain. I've been going to Dr. Lemmonds for about a year. He's very understanding and you feel like your his only patient when he's in with you. One down fall though. If you go to see him....plan on staying about the whole day. His sechdule starts at 11:00, but he doesn't get in til 2:30 or 3:00. He does most of his hospital rounds late at night so he's late coming in. He has a lot of devoted patients me included that will wait no matter how long. His lateness is very unprofessional but he does help me. His bed side manner is the best. You feel like a human being not a number with him.

    Hope this helps.

  4. grannyofalot

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    Wow! I didn't expect such a quick reply. I will check out both of your suggestions. However, I have a feeling my insurance won't cover Methodist. We're with the Bapt. system. I did ck, and Dr. Lemmonds is on our list. I may need to go to an internal med. dr. anyhow, since I have other things going on, too like blood pressure, and heart stuff. I live just north of Olive Branch, but sure don't mind driving anywhere....even in this Memphis traffic.... and you all know what I'm talking about!

    In fact, I do a lot of driving daily. My youngest daughter (I have six children) is a senior at Cordova, and a transfer student in the band. So, I'm out and about alot with her. Don't feel like it, but we can't afford her a car right now. I used to work at the Wolfchase at Lemstone's..... which was absolutely awful on my feet all day. No one there understood this DD at all! Didn't get any breaks and had to almost beg just to go to the bathroom. It was a great Christian environment and more of a ministry for me, but my drs. kept telling me to quit....well, guess God knew I wouldn't do it on my own, so He closed down the store about a month ago. I'm still recovering from it all. I had worked there part time for over 10 yrs. My husband also worked there part time, so we've taken about a 30% income loss. But, we will make it! We'll be eating lots of beans and taters, but we'll make it. ;)

    Since then, I've been able to help out a bit with my aging mother and see a bit more of one of my grandsons who lives in New Albany, MS. My son, his dad, is leaving this afternoon for basic in the Army. I'm not doing very well with this, so please pray for me and him and his little family. He'll be in GA for 14 weeks. He is infantry, so who knows after that.

    I know I've bored you sweet ladies way too long, and I'm in a major flare up lately, so I'll be on my way for now. Y'all take it easy and hope you have a not so painful day!

    Love you! granny
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    I not from Memphis, but I am from Knoxville. Just stopped in to say hi!!! I was wondering if it is hard to get SSD in the state of Tn? I go to court on May 6th!! Have any of you gotton disability? Thanks Linda
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    Would you happen to know East Win Christian church on Hacks Cross? I noticed you said your north of OB. The reson I was wondering is the people you used to work for I beleive were or are maybe still members of this church. I'm a member at this church also. I totally understand others not understanding this DD. I was just curious....You don't have to answer if that would make you feel uncomfortable. (too personal). Just kinda neat your in my run around area.

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  7. grannyofalot

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    Do I know where East Win is? Well, I can almost walk there. Really could if I was in better health. I'm about 2 blocks from it, just around the corner from the school. That is really exciting to me. I almost feel like we are neighbors. The Duggers did own the stores. They had to quit July, 2000, and it went to corporate. Corp. never did find a really good manager, hence the downfall. The Duggers are such sweet people, really like family to us all! They were more understanding to my "bad days", but when my medical problems started escalating, they weren't around as much. The lady who was my manager is such a sweet person, but never, ever sick except for maybe a little sniffle. (Her mother is in her 90's and healthy as a horse!) She says she believes we'd all be better off if we just never went to a dr. because they always find something wrong with us. Need I say more?!

    Anyway, the Duggers are now members of Germantown Baptist and are really active there. She works for Haverty's furniture, and went back for another degree. He sells BMW's and LOVES it! Made salesman of the year, I think. They both look great! He has gone back to school, too. They are really sweet, wonderful people.

    I just love passing by East Win church and I have another friend who goes there. Our whole family looks forward to reading their neat quotes on their sign as we pass by each day. The new sanctuary is gorgeous! and is such an asset to the community.

    Well, I've rambled on again. I'm just so excited to finally meet someone who understands this Darn Disease. I do not know anyone else with it, except my 18 yr. old, and she is in denial right now.

    Hopefully I won't yack on and on next time. I'm a bit uptight today. Thanks for all the info on Dr. Lemmonds. I think I'll give him a call tomorrow. I was sort of hoping I'd get my old records from Dr. Ball, but doesn't look like it. I sure don't remember all the rx's I've tried!

    Thanks again!

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  8. babyblues68

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    Yack on and call on me anytime. I don't have anyone around here that relates to this DD. My husband does his best to be there for me, but doesn't know what I feel. I try to check the boards at least once a day. If you ever feel like it drop in at East Win...we'd love for you to visit. We're having Candle Light Communion this Thursday night. My husband will be singing.

    I hope Dr. Lemmonds works out for you.

    Tammy Camp
  9. babyblues68

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    I wouldn't know the first thing about getting SSD. I've been a stay at home mom for about 5 years. Excuse my ignorance and spelling, would I qualify for it with not working for so long? I did work before ever since I was 15 til 29. You've got me wondering now.

    I do wish you luck and will be pray for you on the 6th of May.

  10. babyblues68

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    Which Dr. Hanissian did you see? I know just about the whole family are doctors. I went to school with Dr. Gina Rhodes-Hanissian...which is her married name. My husband used to date her younger sister. Gosh small world.

    I hope you find a doctor close to your home. I was living pretty far from my doctor til about 2 weeks ago when we moved.

  11. FibroNan

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    I have an appt. on May 5th and I'm going to see how that goes. I've been going to Dr. Howard Marker in the Lowenberg Bldg. at St. Francis Hospital and he seems nice enough but so far he hasn't given me anything stronger than Bextra for pain. I have OA as well as FM and he seems reluctant to prescribe pain meds. When I go back, I'm going to ask about Ultram. I had been going to Lunceford Family Medical Practice and I see Richard Green, who is a nurse practitioner, but he is more attentive and kind than any Dr. I've ever been to. He listens and doesn't act rushed. I haven't had a chance to ask him about his philosophy of FM yet, but I plan on it. I have noticed that for a city the size of Memphis, there are relatively few Rheumatologists around and I tried to email a local CFIDS/FMS support group for a dr. recommendation but I never got an answer.
  12. babyblues68

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    Ok y'all are going to think I crazy. I know who your doctor is too. I haven't been to him, but my Rhumey that diagnoised me was Harry Blumenfeld. He is in the same practice. Harry only works part-time. He's semi-retired. He never did give me anything stronger than flexirl and evail. So I took my file and moved on. I needed more. I got to where I could take care of my kids. My husband was having to take off from work so I could just rest. I hope you have better luck.

  13. Kay2

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    I am on my way out to the dentist, but wanted to write you back before I WENT. I really dont if you would qualify for SSD. Hopefully someone will come along and be able to help you with that question on getting it. Have a great day, and I appreciate your prayers on the 6th. I sure will need it! Thanks Linda!!
  14. grannyofalot

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    The name Gina Rhodes sounds awfully familiar! What high school did you all attend.... unless that is too personal? Since you're the same age as my oldest son, wouldn't it be funny if there was some more connections here? My baby sister and husband use the Lunceford family practice, but are a lot younger than I am and have no major problems.
    My oldest daughter lives in Bartlett with her husband and 3 children, ages 7,5, and 3. They attend Oak Elem. and Faith Baptist. She has her own designer children's clothing label and sells out of some children's shops out there as well as on EBAY. Her label is HALO HATTIE. Really cute! if you have any little girls or small boys, check it out.

    We are active at Kirby Woods Baptist. We're in revival this week with Jr. Hill, but I've not been able to go as much as I'd like to. I just might meander on down to East Win for the candlelight communion tomorrow night, though. Sounds like it will be a meaningful experience.

    Take Care and soft hugs!

  15. babyblues68

    babyblues68 New Member

    I know exactly who you are. Your Kimberley and Glenn's mom. My husband and I graduated from Kirby. Kimberley has made some of my daughters dresses and my son some Jon Jon's, and might I say she wonderful at what she does. I just talked to Kimberly about 3 weeks ago about the band reunion we're putting together.

    My name in high school was Tammy Mann. I married Jerry Camp who was also in band.

    It's funny I got to the line you wrote...."my oldest daughter lives in Bartlett w/ ages 7,5,3 for some reason I knew who you were talking about....wierd huh?

    I can't wait to tell my husband. It really is a small world.

    Hope you can make candle light it starts at 7:00.

  16. Dee33K

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    Seems there are lots of us here in Memphis. I am in Germantown, newbie too. Warm pool therapy is keeping me sane right now. After 6 doctors, seeing Dr. Mays at the pain clinic. Topamax (similar to neurotin) seems to be helping, too. We need to start a group, ladies!
  17. FibroNan

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    It's a small world isn't it? Never realized there were so many mid-southerners on the board. It's funny because there's a board I post on at EZboard and we just recently got a map which everyone started posting their location on. The mid-south was the most popular area for the postings.
  18. babyblues68

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    Yes....I second that....we need to start a group! And yes I know your doctor too. He has family (The Greens) that go to my church. Ok....I guess I'm in touch with a lot of doctors here and there thru friends and I use to work in the ER.

    Anyways ladies think about that group thing. Anyone interested can email me at .

  19. Linday

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    This message has nothing to do with fibromyalgia, although I do have it (or it has me, most of the time!). Just scanning down you messages because I used to live in Memphis when the name Aram Hanissian caught my eye. About 30 or so years ago, I worked at UT Memphis for Aram S. Hanissian, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at UTM. He also had a well known cystic fibrosis clinic as well as a spina bifida clinic. I was wondering if the Aram Hanissian that was mentioned was his son (or grandson?!). I live in Oregon now, but isn't it "funny" how just a name can connect people?

    Like I said, this has nothing to do with fibromyalgia, but I will pray you find a good doctor. I've been looking for one for about 6 years now; finally found a "new" doctor at the local clinic. He is bright and seems to not be intimidated by the fact I know so much more about it that he does and he seems willing to learn. I hope he stays around a while, I'd rather not "train" anymore for a while!

    I found a great Pain Mamagement Specialist, however, who knows and understands fibromyalgia. He finally got me on a regimen of pain meds, etc. that allows me to function enough most days to work at home. My "new" doctor does the refills and I only see my pain mamagement specialist 2-3 times a year. Seeing him, though, was the second best thing I have done since I got this DD! (The first was going to OHSU to Dr. Robert Bennett's Dept. of Rheumatology to get diagnosed!).

    Anyway, hope that helps. God bless you!

    Linda Y.
  20. babyblues68

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    I believe Dr. Aram Hanissian is Dr.Aram S. Hanissian. That's how it's listed on the Hanissian Clinic's site. Greg is his son along with Dr.Ara J Hanissian who is married to the girl I went to school with. I was talking with my friend who does Ara & Gina's medical billing when I was reading your post and was asking her about it. Jeezzz....this sounds like a soap opera. Anyways, it is a big family of doctors who have seemed to do well for themselves as well as for their community.

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