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    This is a very very nice article for caregivers and loved ones to read and to help understand what we go through.

    But one of the hardest things (almost as hard as the sickness) that I found was that you will truely discover who are your TRUE friends are when you become very sick. I cant tell you how many friends I had pre sickness since literally I could walk and have met throughout my life, who all of a sudden werent around anymore once I was of no good to them (couldnt go to mall, bars, hang out, be of any advantage to them). SO the point of my story is to ALSO truely appreciate the ones who have stuck around and do understand what we are going through...kinda like the opposite of this article in a way. Understand how rare and wonderful it is to have someone who understands and who sticks around. It stinks that is has to be that way, but it is the sad truth for many... For was basically my family who have been there for me and a few friends who still really dont get it... So maybe on a "good day", hug your mom or friend who is helping you and say how much it means to you that they truely are an angel....:)

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