For Gidgestsmom, Chantix?

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  1. janie056

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    Today is my quit date. Although my insurance would not pick up one penny of the medication! It cost me $130.! But I figured I spend that much on smoking.
    I was wondering how you are doing with it.
    I've had no side effects from the meds this first week and today I start the 1mg twice a day. I'm having my last two cigs now! lol
    They do taste funny though. I noticed that after about two days of taking the Chantix.
    I've tried everything many many times and I'm praying this will help!
    So here I go day one of my journey!
    I want so badly for this to work, I will give it my all.
    I am having major back surgery in January and have to have a spinal fusion in two areas. The fusion will work quite a bit better if I can stop this darn smoking!
    So, I am interested to know how you are doing..

  2. gidgetsmom

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    Hi Jane!

    Sorry to report I didn't do very well!! I was really hoping it would work, but I had a bad experience with side effects.

    I got to the 1mg. twice a day. A few days of that I had an experience with restless leg syndrome that I NEVER WANT AGAIN!!!

    My husband said I was kicking so much (when I did get to sleep) that he almost got up and moved into the guest room. We were both afraid I would kick our little pomeranian right out of the bed.

    Not only that, but after 6 months of no periods (perimenopause)the chantix restarted them with horrible pms.

    Even after all this, and stopping the chantix...a week later I thought "well maybe it wasn't the chantix" and tried again. The restless leg started again, the period started again, and I started seeing shadows moving that weren't really there.

    No more for me!!! I really hope you do well on it, but just's a very new drug and I don't think they know too much about it. It's a dopamine agonist that works on chemicals in the brain so don't take side effects lightly!!!

    Don't know about you, but my "chemicals" are screwy enough!!!

    Please be careful and let me know how you're doing!!

  3. janie056

    janie056 New Member

    Thanks for responding. Wow, you had some dreadful side effects.
    I've not had anything happen, except the cigs were tasting different.
    We will see if bumping up to the 1mg twice a day bothers me.
    I hope it works, I have to quit and want to quit!

    I don't know why I had a darn flu shot yesterday, but I feel horrible and I might as well just have the flu!

    Take care,
    will let you know what happens.

  4. Philip452

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    Hi Jane! this is my story about Quit smoking with Chantix.
    Quit smoking with Chantix three months ago. Didn't want to quit but did it to shut my husband up. Surprisingly, I don't smoke and don't want to anymore. Smoked 35 years, two pks a day. Not sure if this is a side effect but my face seems to feel burny and tingly and extremely dry with little red bumps. As far as the dreams go, I will miss them once I stop Chantix. I have shopped in every dream I have had and I loved everything I bought!
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