For God - Help with Family Problems

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by Elisa, May 14, 2007.

  1. Elisa

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    If I write it down maybe I can more easly tell God my issues - so here goes.

    I am asking for God's help with my family problems - mainly my relationship with my Mother and sister. I have a brady bunch mentality when it comes to family.

    I have been ill with severe chronic fatigue and a brain injury for many years and have a great deal of problems with both of them. I am not close to my sister and never see her and my Mother is very hard to communicate with. Both are not interested in me - unless they need something. So it is hard to find anything to speak about. Family get togethers are so draining for me - I am not spoken to - except by my Father.

    I am very sensitive and I have a hard time protecting myself - so I am asking the Lord for his guidance, protection, direction and love.

    "Be not far from me."

    God knows the rest,
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  2. Asatrump

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    I shall pray for you. No two situations are the same. God finally showed me the answer to my situation when I was 49. That was a long time ago. I had to sever all relations or the toxic situation would have destroyed me. Living 1,800 miles apart meant everything via telephone. Perhaps that was easier than in person. I will never know. My heart breaks for your situation. It has been my experience that there is not a perfect solution for every problem. Prayers dear.
  3. Elisa

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    It seems that you know how it feels to struggle with relationships that are so hurtful.

    I am struggling and have been for so long.

    I always believed in being close to my family. But since I have gotten sick I don't know if I have the strength left to anymore. I can barely care for myself and it is so hard everyday to keep going. It is God's will that I am here at all.

    I am so hurt and so unable to make any of my relationships better. I am so conflicted. So I will do as you say and pray for answers. I type this in sobbing tears - so unable to determine what is best to do - in God's eyes as well as my abiltities.

    Thank you for responding to my message - I know God must have guided you and that I will take comfort in.

    God Bless You,

  4. fromnz

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    I'm sorry to read of your situation, I cannot relate as such, as have been gifted with a reasonably caring family, all love The Lord at least, although we aren't that close. But I know they all care about me in their own ways & would miss me if not here, hopefully!

    I so feel for you though & pray God will be with you & comfort you, & maybe give you other 'family' to meet with & give you the comfort you need.

    Part of having the chronic fatigue & brain injury adds to your being unable to cope with family get-togethers, I too struggle with that & any crowds or 'do's', so you aren't alone with that problem. But like as says maybe you need to distance yourself totally from them. Could absense make their hearts grow fonder?

    I pray you will find the answers & the strength to carry on, don't give up, you are important although you may not feel you are. God loves you just as you are!

    Hang in there,