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    Checking a foundations ingredients.
    Are either of these guia blockers?


    When an ingredient is not on either the Salicylate FREE or Salicylate to AVOID list how can I find out if it is a guia blocker?

    If the above two ingredients are okay you can add L'Oreal Paris True Match Super-blendable makeup (foundation) to the safe to use product list.
    Thank you for your help,
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    They look fine to me; hope Jude can giv her final word. I use the mineral powder make up ('Bare Escentuals', but there's lots of different ones) it's just ground minerals (except the lip products) so no sals & it's brilliant.
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    Dear JTyre

    Sorry to get back to you late. Those ingredients will not block the guaifenesin. Hope you are doing OK on the protocol.

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    Did not mean to be so pushy. I bumped it a few times just because I see how fast these boards move and thought you might have missed my post.

    When an ingredients is not on the free list or the avoid list how can I find out if it is safe? Can I or do I have to ask you? Just do not want ot be a pest. I am obsessed with checking ingredients!

    When I started on the protocal (3 months ago) I thought how could my symptoms getting any worse. Boy was I wrong. For me fibrofog before guia was mild. It has gotten much worse. Other symptoms have gotten much worse. That means it is working right?
    Take care,
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    Hi J...have you been to the above web site? It is full of info about sal-free stuff, and there is a procedure to follow if we are trying to see if something is sal-free but not on the list. Also if you subscribe to the e-mail list, there are new products discussed nearly each day.

    I hope things are going well for you. I'm near my 6-month guai anniversary having begun in March 2006. This past week was the best in forever!! I have been happy with a few good hours here and there, but I had 5 pretty decent days in a row!!!! I was so thrilled. It's what we all hope for.

    Keep the's worth it. Blessings, Ann
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    GREAT to hear you are having good days. It gives me hope! I am looking forward to some good days. Right now I am not having any. Old symptoms, new sympotms, very intense.

    Back to the sals free question. Are you referring to the QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE AND SCREENING TEST? I printed that out and keep it in my purse. I wanted to see if my current foundation was sals free so I looked up every ingredient and the two I mentioned in my last post were not on either list. So are you saying go by the quick reference guide?
    Thanks, j.

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    Therere is a long, long list of sal free chemicals for reference on the guai support group site. I have it printed off & keep it in a file. Unfortunately I couldn't look yours up for you as it's packed away at present because I've just moved house.
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    Jtyre: "When I started on the protocal (3 months ago) I thought how could my symptoms getting any worse. Boy was I wrong. For me fibrofog before guia was mild. It has gotten much worse. Other symptoms have gotten much worse. That means it is working right?"


    This means you're in reversal, which is good news. If you keep on the same dose your symptoms should decrease in time. If not you can consider increasing the dose. But give it time. I would suggest from my own experience not to change dosage more often than every three or four weeks.

    What dose are you on now? I reached 4800 mg a day (8 x 600 mg) before I achieved reversal and a significant improvement in symptoms.
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    Just reached 3 months on guia. I am on 1200 per day. 1800 was too hard on me physically. But that was 2 months ago. Should I try and increase it now???
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    Jtyre: "Just reached 3 months on guia. I am on 1200 per day. 1800 was too hard on me physically. But that was 2 months ago. Should I try and increase it now???"

    Getting up to 1800 mg after just a month may have been a little too ambitious. I would think that you should be better able to tolerate 1800 mg now than two months ago.

    If you increase then you could try 1500 mg. But if you do increase be prepared for the reversal to involve more discomfort.

    Perhaps, on balance, you should stay on the 1200 mg for another month or two, after all how long have you had the FM problem? Hopefully the reversal will diminish, and your symptoms will minimise, if 1200 mg is your maintenance dose level.

    In other words, if your symptoms don't disappear (or remain unacceptable) then you haven't reached the maintenance level and you'll need to up the dose and continue the reversal. Finding the right level can take a long time, keep trying!

    Are you taking the 1200 mg as 600 mg twice a day?
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    I take 400FA 3x a day. 9 am 1 pm and 5pm. Price is better for me.
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    The difference between the 400 and 600 mg guai can be in the filler which is used to bulk out the tablets. That is, the 600 can sometimes contain a slow (or sustained) release form of guai. And this can account for them being apparently more expensive.

    On the other hand, taking guai three times a day, rather than twice, should still ensure a constant supply in the system. I suppose it's a trade-off of cost against convenience.

    When I have taken guai I have always tried to spread it out, say between 8 AM and midnight. So, I'm curious that you take the last one at 5 PM. Don't you get the worst symptoms of the day in the morning when waking up, since I assume that would be at least 12 hours since taking guai?
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    Sorry for the slow response, but yes, it sounds like you are either looking at the lists of sal-free products or going thru the screening questions. The website
    have digests that you can sign up for, e-mails really from members with questions. The administrators or even sometimes Claudia, Dr. St. Amand's nurse and co-author of the book, answer the questions and even recommend or nix sal-free products. It is a great way to learn more about the procedure and have some questions answered.

    I hope that your days will become tolerable, but know that these tougher days are really good because the guai is working! Good luck....Ann
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    Your reply has me completely confused. I read the book but I guess I still do not get how the guia works. I thought if I took if after 5 or 6 pm that my symptoms would keep me up.

    You are right I feel SOOOOOO bad in the morning!!!! but mornings have always been the hardest. My best time of the day is early evening around 6pm. Are you saying by taking the last pill at 5 or 6 pm is why I feel so horrible in the morning. Is the IDEA to keep it in your system even throughout the night? The later the better???
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    My understanding is that for the purpose of treating FM, some guai should be in the body for 24/7, to the extent that this is possible.

    I hope that I may quote from the book, "What your doctor may not tell you about FM" by Dr St Amand. My copy is the paperback, first printing December 1999.

    In Chapter 6, “The Protocol”, there’s a heading "Begin taking guai". It cautions that the only ingredient should be guai, and that it would be either 600 or 1200 mg. So I do wonder if your 400 mg is necessarily suitable for your FM. Firstly it may or may not contain some other drug; and secondly (as I have already suggested in a previous post), it may not be made up with a ‘sustained-release’ filler. Perhaps you can ask your pharmacist. The point is that guai, amongst other things, is an active ingredient in cough medicine, and for this complaint one wants it to work as quickly as possible!

    Chapter 6 goes on to say, “Guai has about a twelve hour action, so you should take it twice a day. Some people who require higher doses take [it] three times a day … but for most people twice a day is fine”.

    So unless you get up and take the first dose of the day at 5 AM, you will be exceeding 12 hours. I would imagine that you guai level in the early hours must be very low. Perhaps you feel really bad in the mornings because you are reversing the reversal, if you see what I mean.

    Also in Chapter 6 under the heading "Find your dose", it says, “It is important to hold at each dose for the specified amount of time. It will be much easier … if you follow this part of the protocol exactly. We cannot emphasise this enough. If you are not methodical about establishing your dose it will be much more difficult later on. Tempting as it may be to raise or lower your dose based on a daily basis, DON’T DO IT!”, (original emphasis).

    Chapter 6 goes on to say, “When it comes to your health, why create a guessing game?”

    On balance, since you appear to be in reversal perhaps you should continue with the 400 mg guai, I know it’s available in a guai-only form. But I would wonder that if you spread out your three daily doses throughout your waking hours it would be more consistent with the protocol. However, I would not change suddenly. Perhaps you could shift the second and third dose by about an hour or two every three or four weeks until you have spread out the 1200 mg throughout the day. For instance, if you sleep at midnight, then you could eventually take 400 mg at 8 AM, 400 mg at 4 PM, and 400 mg at midnight.

    The essential point is that there is a long lead time when using guai to treat FM. Unlike most other drugs for most other conditions; it is necessary to be cautious, and slow, and have the patience of a saint. I have read that for every year of FM it will take at least one month of guai to get past reversal and achieve maximum relief. So if, for example, you have suffered for 10 years, like many people, you must expect it to take at least a year to get maximum relief and establish a maintenance dose.

    I hope that this helps.