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    Hi hanging! :)

    Here's what I do for BO prevention. Have you heard of the 'deodorant stone'? It's crystalized mineral salt, and it comes in a holder like the regular deodorants. You wet the stone and rub it on. The salt kills the armpit bacteria, so you can sweat all you want without getting the smell. My favorite thing about it is that it doesn't feel gummy on the skin like the regular stuff does, and it won't leave that perfumey scent on your clothes.

    We get ours at the health food store... but they're on the internet if not there. They cost more than regular deodorant, but they last a really really really long time, so cheaper in the end.

    Ummm... what do you wash your hair with?
    :+) Shannon
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    Sorry, but I peaked in on what your post to hanginginthere was about!!!

    If you gals are talking about deoderant "issues", I don't know if it's still out on the market, but I think it is, there is a deoderant by the brand name of "Mitchem's" that is for people who have issues--wetness and/or odor??--that it is guaranteed to solve.

    I remembered either my mother or father got it to use years ago.

    Just thought I would put in my 2 cents worth even though I'm not sure what you're talking about!!!!! LOL