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    Well, what a small world! I live in Hailey, Idaho!! Hubby and I bought a house near Hop Porter park (on the way out Croy Canyon) in '77. My daughter was born here in '79, so she's a "famous potato". At the time of her birth, we lived up north at Busterback Ranch (between Galena Summit and Stanley), and we had to drive 60 miles to the hospital in Hailey. It was May, and the weather was horrendous with thunder and lightening. We made it ok, and still had to wait for her arrival some 10 hours or so.

    My friend from Smiley Creek who was pregnant and due the same time I was didn't make it to the hospital and gave birth to her son on Phantom Hill (on highway 75 between Galena Summit and Ketchum).

    Yes, the Wood River Valley is the most beautiful place on earth as far as I'm concerned (I was a flight attendant for 8 years in the '70's so I've seen many beautiful places).

    I was based in Seattle for many years, and that's where I met and married hubby 31 years ago.

    We no longer live near that park, but now live near the park in Della View (built our house in '93/'94 when I was still healthy.)

    I taught at Bellevue Elementary School for 9 years and Hailey Elem. for 4 years.

    Thanks for all the research you have given this group on CMP and the trigger points. Thankfully I have hubby to work on my trigger points and I also have a very understanding doc who gives me trigger point injections. My physical therapist is also a godsend!

    So, Hayleycole, there's more info than you ever wanted on my living in the Wood River Valley!LOL!

    Were you born in Hailey? Are you a "famous potato?"
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