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    hi ,
    the article is in a magazine supplement from a newspaper so i don't know how to copy on here as a thread.
    the author of the article is called Oliver James, he has a book called They F*** You Up How To Survive Family Life. The article was something, sorry too tired i will look again tomorrow.
    Was there something in particular you wanted to know?


    i will look to see if the mag is on the web tomorrow am now about to fall off the chair. night
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    PQ, thanks for answering. I'm curious about the effect on kids' cortisol levels when mom was depressed. There are a good number of people here who have kids with autoimmune problems and this interests me. I had FM and arthritis early in my kids' lives and since both of them, as young adults, are now showing some signs of these types of problems, I'm wondering where the impetus was.

    I do hope you are feeling much better!
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    moving on up
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    i had to go to the dentist and i am still recovering, hope to send a more informative reply tomorrow.
    my internet access is only evenings and weekends and most evenings am too far gone to think but tomorrow is saturday.

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    Hope you feel better soon....You know, I've waited all this time; I can continue indefinitely! ;o)

    Get some rest.
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    but in case it is. i went back and looked at the magazine, i have not got a scanner [this isn't even my computer,but thats irrelevant,LOL] i can't just copy the article, but rereading it i don't think its got much thats of use. If you can get the book to read,[ i got a copy from local library ]there is probably more in there.

    i find this a very intriguing topic but i am looking at it from my point of view because i have always felt that my psychological make-up plays a part in my illness. I would be less confident about expecting children to be ill because mum was depressed, if there is no illness showing.
    You are saying you are interested because you and some others have children who are already ill. That would be a huge worry i think but it is only one factor.
    In my family where i had a brother and a sister both me and my sister had chronic illnesses, but my brother did not. So there always has to be the other factors, whatever they are.

    Trying to write makes me very aware and uncomfortable at how poorly my brain works these days. For the last 12 years i just didn't even try because i get too upset and frustrated at my poor cognitive abilities, but here in this board i am trying to communicate because in this place nearly everyone has some understanding. though I don't ever have the energy to write a lot.

    Sorry for this ramble, i just seem to want to !

    So below i will type the paragraph , and if i come across anything else that may be relevant i'll post it.

    "Freud,who considered himself a scientist, predicted - correctly - that it would become possible to measure the electrical and chemical patterns that underpin our mental lives. Modern techniques for analysing brains show that the particular configuration of electrochemistry at any one moment is highly responsive to what is going on around you at that time, but it is also conditioned by the experiences you have had during the first few years of life. In the past 20 years it has become clear that we have a pre-existing web of neural connections out of which we make sense of the here and now. This matrix is established by the kind of care we received during childhood: the earlier the experience the more enduring the pattern. For example, Geraldine Dawson and colleagues at the University of Washington [Seattle] have demonstrated lasting damage to levels of crtisol, the" fight or flight"hormone, in children whose mothers were depressed when they were infants, regardless of whether the mothers subsequently recovered from the depression "

    bye for now
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    bumping . to healing if you can

    tell me when you've read it then i won't bump again.
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    Thanks so much for persevering for me! It's really quite interesting. And useful. Just one more little factoid to throw into the mix, for myself (who had a depressed mother) and for my kiddos.

    We all really do understand fog and what feels outwardly like stupidity even though inwardly we know we aren't. I'm sorry you are struggling so -- you could've fooled me.

    Hope things are beginning to get better for you. And thanks again.