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    About your hearing,

    DO NOT make sure you're rested beforehand. Don't wear makeup. As someone else said somewhere, dress enough to show respect, but wear an old suit.

    I made sure I was rested, just so I could get through it. And I wore make-up (don't wear much anyway). And I was denied. Might have *almost* won the appeal, but I didn't....

    And don't worry so much. Can't tell you to not be nervous as you're going to be anyway--I was (maybe some people aren't--lucky them!). The judge asked if I lived alone and I replied that I'd lived alone most of my adult life, with occasional roommates. My lawyer noticed an obvious discrepancy and then asked if I'd ever been married. Oops, forgot about him!!! (Actually, I don't consider it was really a marriage and wish I *could* forget about it, but that's another story....)

    When the judge asked my sobriety date, I could clearly picture "12/10/94" in my mind, but I couldn't say it! My brain frantically scrambled to find a substitute and it did: I could say "December 10 1994". This didn't take very long, and I don't know what he attributed my pause to (maybe he figured I was lying). If I had to do it over, I'd point out to him exactly what happened.

    If I have to have a hearing again, I'm going to make sure I spend the day or two beforehand doing things instead of resting! If I can't drive, oh well, that's what mom's are for.... :)

    Good luck!!!
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    I'd suggest NO mascara and NO powder. You not only want to look bad you are trying to get across how difficult it is for you to even do ADL's. If the judge sees you were able to take time to put on even a bit of makeup there's no telling what could be implied.

    I wear makeup every day, unless I'm feeling absolutely awful. But when my hearing comes around I intend to wear no make up and to do nothing to my hair. It's fine, straight, and thin so it will look pretty bad.

    I also intend to find someone to drive me there because even if I am able to get there I would be so wiped out by the end that I wouldn't make it home. Besides I get very confused in unfamiliar places. Sometimes I have a hard time in familiar ones!

    As for clothes I plan to choose a color that makes me look bad. It won't be one I usually wear, because I know what looks good on me, but I can pull out something that looks terrible, especially against no makeup!

    I agree with those who said you don't want to be rested when you go. If you have a hard time staying awake or concentrating or remembering it just makes your case better.

    Take care and be sure to tell us how it goes!