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    Hello-I have just a few minutes to explain my role at the Eating Disorders Association. I attend twice a week and help to run what is called the drop-in centre, which is basically what the words imply. I greet clients at the door, make refreshments for them and sit and listen to them, if that is what they want. Some clients come in for a chat, some just want somewhere to feel safe and be themselves, others will do some art or other activity and some want specific details of things we offer.

    Some of them come in on a regular basis, often twice a week and can be very ill indeed. We just support them in what ways we can but we are not a treatment centre, hospital etc, we are there to listen. I do find myself using counselling and listening skills but I am not a trained counsellor-I have done a brief course, that is all.

    It is very rewarding work but very hard work and it can be a real drain on my old energy levels but now I can just do the process and carry on-it will be interesting to see how this affects me as I have not been in yet since I came back. I have to learn to switch off when I leave which can be really hard.

    We have anorexics, bulimics and compulsive eaters all in at the same time, which can be challenging as we do not always have a lot of space in our building, but it seems to work ok and they are all such lovely people, just had a rough time in their lives and such low self-esteem. I wish I could tell them about the Lightning process but not sure that I will be able to. Hope this is helpful for you at the moment and I will keep in touch when I can.

    Take care and talk again soon

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