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    Hi, I am in Sparta TN. About 1 1/2 hours NW of Chattanooga.
    We live near a small community but we are out in the country and it is so beautiful here. I have read your posts about FFC and can not wait to go. I hope they give me something to help with energy. I have none and what little I have gets sucked right up by my 2 and 3 year olds! For the first time in so long I am finally optimistic about my future.
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    We are headed to the coutry too. We have 15 acres in Cartersville one hour north of Atlanta. We have just begun to plan for a house there. The property backs up to protected wilderness area. My husband grew up on a farm. He is looking for Mayberry! We even have a dog named Thelma Lou.

    I would definately ask for the B12 shot. It is really a boost. When you go you may feel overwhelmed. I would bring someone with me to help sort out the info you will get. You may cry! Finally someone who understands! The Iv may make you feel bad for that afternoon and maybe the next day.

    I have followed the instructions pretty closesly. Stuck to the Candida Diet taken all the supplements ect... It seems overwhelming at first but you will get control over this and that is an amazing feeling! Good Luck and I am always happy to Answer any questions! Lynn

    PS. I have a 19 year old in college and a 3 year old. grant is very active and I definately can't keep up with him like I did Bryan. But I am getting there!

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